Thursday, January 20, 2022


Josh the RV Nerd still creating videos after sale of Haylett RV

Fans of the popular “Josh the RV Nerd” videos on YouTube might have been sent into panic mode by the news that the Haylett Auto & RV Superstore in Coldwater, Michigan, had been sold.

Haylett RV is the home of Josh Winters, the one-man producer/star of the Josh the RV Nerd videos. The popular dealership was recently sold by owners Dave and Nancy Haylett to Bish’s RV.

A sign of the times.

We checked in with Josh and were relieved to hear that not much more than his email will be changing for now.

“I’m still rolling stuff out,” Winters told regarding his videos. “I’m currently transitioning roles a bit from being a local-level employee to being a member of a national marketing team.”

Winters said he’ll likely be moving more toward exclusively producing even more RV Nerd videos.

“It’s like remodeling a home,” Josh said. “You have to make a mess of things before you can make them look pretty again and it takes what feels like an agonizing amount of time.”

The Haylett family established their business in 1989 and have become a volume sales leader in Michigan, averaging more than 1,000-unit sales annually. It is the sixth-largest RV dealer, by volume sold, in Michigan and was ranked 44th in the U.S. in 2019.

Josh the RV Nerd videos on YouTube have driven the number of subscribers on Haylett RV’s YouTube channel to 125,000.

Bish RV has 14 other dealerships in the Midwest, including Ludington and Grand Rapids, Michigan.



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Phil Upham
11 days ago

We purchased a new Rockwood 8362 MBR based on Josh’s review. It was not our first choice as we have done business with another dealer over the years but Josh’s presentation convinced us it was the rig we wanted and units across the industry were hard to buy. He also did a review of the Rockwood Production facility which sealed the deal.

11 days ago

Enjoy your videos Josh. Glad you continue doing your thing.

11 days ago

We have always enjoyed the way Josh tours rigs. A great sense of humor and never bland or boring. We watch tours we have no interest in. I would be lying if I didn’t say, we are concerned he will be corporatized and they make him “adjust” his delivery to corporate norms.

Last edited 11 days ago by Linda