Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Gadget review: Window-mounted kitty sill is purrrrrfect for RVing cats

Cat campers, here is a great addition to your camper if you are parked for a period of time: the window-mounted kitty sill. I am in a park for three months and my cats love to get up on the dash to watch the birds and the dogs go by. I found this gadget to create a kitty perch and increase the fun.

The suction cups are very strong

I have avoided these perches in the past because they rely on suction cups that turn out to be unreliable. This K&D perch is different and has a suction cup system that is very strong. So far, it has stayed put even with some vigorous kitty play. It even comes in duplex, triplex and quad versions! When we hit the road, it comes down and stores easily. Check it out.

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