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Keep outside electric connections dry with Twist and Seal


Cord Dome

By Bob Difley

When I was asked to review Twist and Seal’s line of protectors designed to keep electrical cord connections dry and safe from rain and snow it appeared initially to be a bit overkill. But then logic and my penchant for avoiding electrocution took over. After all, fiddling with electricity in wet environments should not be taken lightly. When I examined the various connectors the company sent me, I was quite impressed with not only the sturdy build but also the thoughtful and effective design that went into the product.

According to Twist and Seal’s story, President and founder Bryan Nooner “was inspired by his wife to come up with some way to keep the holiday lights cord connections dry and the lights on. It seemed like no matter how much tape he used, water would seep in between the cords and trip the circuit breakers.” After many hours of trial and error, a connector was born that actually keeps water out — no tape needed.

Large Connector

After connecting the ends of your plugs and laying them in the connector, the tabs to secure it close with satisfying snaps. There are rubber gaskets sealing the two sides on the Mini and the several baffles where the cords enter the connector on the Large size keep water out. I blasted the connectors with a hose and when opened the insides were completely dry.

The first holiday electric cord connectors spawned a line of products that now includes Mini connectors (for stringing tree lights, accent lights, and awning lights), Large connectors that fit 14 to 16 gauge cords (for construction and lawn and garden uses), and a Cord Dome for protecting multiple cords in a single hub unit.

For more information and to see the entire product line visit the Twist and Seal website.

You can also find Twist and Seal cord protectors and the Cord Dome products on and in home supply and hardware stores.

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