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Letters to the editor: A New Year’s Resolution


Dear Chuck,

There was a question on recently that asked how many people were winterizing their RV. Turns out 60% were winterizing and 40% were not. That must mean that 60% or more are reading that newsletter and dreaming with hope and expectation about RVing next season.

It occurred to me that we are among the lucky 40% not winterizing our RV, reading the newsletter with hope and expectation to not winterize.

Sometimes when caught up in the often mundane day-to-day, I forget how lucky we are to be living this lifestyle. Although it is a cliché, we really are living the dream. This month is an anniversary of sorts – four full years on the road.

We have met people and seen things we never would have from the comfort of our old living room recliners. We have hiked in canyons, deserts, forests, stepped over the start of the Mississippi and traversed a long bridge at its end. We stuck our toes in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf and hundreds of lakes. We have picked ripe oranges from trees in the southwest and Honeycrisp apples in the north.

When we have been stranded with a blowout, a slide that wouldn’t go in, or factory repairs, we still met wonderful people that helped and advised.

We are no longer “snow locked” with our RV winterized and covered. We are one of the lucky 40% living our dream now.

In the New Year’s tradition of making resolutions, I am resolving to be more mindful of all that I have to be grateful for. I resolve to jot it down, say it out loud and look through a pair of rose-colored glasses much more often.

Nanci Dixon (who is a reader and contributing writer for RVtravel). Read more of her articles here.)


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2 years ago

One old story said to drive south until the gas station attendant would ask, “What are them funny tires on yer car?” At that moment you knew you were no longer in snow country and it was a good place to settle down for retirement.

(For those too young to remember, those of us who lived in the snowy north would mount lug-tread ‘snow tires’ on our cars and pickups each fall, and switch back to summer tread tires in the spring.)

2 years ago
Reply to  Gray

Too old to remember?? Those of us that live in the snowy north still do that!

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

I once made the mistake of asking “what is winterizing” my RV. The response I got was “I hate you {bleeped} Texans”.

2 years ago

But there are parts of Texas that have been inter!

2 years ago

Or you are someone who lives in a warmer climate than up North and don’t have to winterize. We leave during the summer. I would love to full time, but hubby likes to putter around in his shop during the winter.

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