Monday, January 17, 2022


An RV lemon website, and comment about diesel savings program

Dear Chuck,
My husband and I were on The RV Show USA with Alan Warren a few weeks ago and our website was featured – Follow Our We were just wondering if you would also like to publish it. The RV Wingman is awesome!!!
Not so happy campers,
Jack & Barb

Dear Jack and Barb,
Sorry to hear about your experiences. I’m happy to tell your readers about your website.

Dear Chuck,
Now I’m not going to lay blame, but we had a good thing going with that TSD card until it showed up in RVTravel and got broadcast around. Perhaps you could encourage your readers to call Pilot/Flying J (865-474-3986) to voice their displeasure at what has happened. And to remind them of the amount of money that we spend in the stores getting our food at Wendy’s, Subway, PF Fresh, ETC. Now that business that they would have gotten will now be going to Love’s, TA, etc.

It also gives us the chance to tell Pilot/Flying J that exclusives really don’t help the consumer. And getting $0.08 off using the Good Sam card, while nice, doesn’t compare to the discounts received using other cards. If we speak with a united voice I think Pilot will listen. —Jef B.

Dear Jef,
Our belief when we wrote the article was that the program was a good thing for RVers and as such we wanted to share the good news with our readers. Can you blame us? We’ve updated our story here.


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1 year ago

Boycott Good Sam and all Marcus Lemonis businesses.

1 year ago
Reply to  Darrel

You sound like a “Profit”!