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Loud air conditioner next door: What to do?


By Chuck Woodbury, editor

We received this letter from RV Travel reader Neida Perrie asking for advice. What would you do in this situation? Here is what she wrote:

“We are in a beautiful RV park. In addition to our coach facing a golf course we also enjoy large patios and grass surrounding the entire site. Like most RVers we enjoy spending time on our patio. We just had a Beaver motorhome with a basement air conditioner pull in next door. There are two large vents on the bottom of the RV that face our patio. When they turn on their air conditioning there is the continuous noise from the blowers and hot air is blown out through these hoses.

“We had friends over one evening and we had a hard time hearing each other as the noise was so bad. I understand that when it is hot they need to run their air conditioning. But, this makes it difficult for us to enjoy our patio.

“I don’t know why any manufacturer would do something like this – maybe this is part of the reason that Beaver is no longer in business. But, I would love some suggestions as to how to handle this difficult situation.”

My short response:

Dear Neida,
Noise pollution is a problem, whether you are experiencing it from an outdoor TV, stereo, generator or simply loud conversation. I’ll post your letter and urge our readers to respond. Let’s see what they say. But, basically, there isn’t much you can do but request they move to another site, perhaps one away from others. Also, maybe there is a problem with their AC that is causing the extra noise. You could talk to them about that.
What advice would you give Neida? Please leave a comment.

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Eric Ramey
6 years ago

Duringing the normal course of a conversation I would bring up the fact that their AC Unit is louder than normal.
1-There might be something wrong with his unit and he may not hear it.
2-He may be embarrassed that he was disturbing other guests and ask if he can be moved to a more secluded spot

Richard Davidson
6 years ago

Moving to another site may fix things for you but the next person will have the same problem. And most often with the lack of new camp grounds, another site is not a choice. This is a problem without an easy answer. I have had a somewhat similar problem with coaches that have the hydro heat system and have had their exhaust over into our living space stink up everything. Manufactures do not take these things into consideration I don’t think and finding a solution is not their problem. Short of walling in each site with a solid wall I don’t know what you can do about it.

6 years ago

Could the Beaver RV owners already know this? As the owner of a 2014 Winnebago Journey the AC units are so loud they practically chase us out of the RV – sleeping at night is impossible when they kick on. I’ve often wondered this very question especially as close as we are crammed in some campgrounds. Back to the manufacturers – really? A two year old unit with this noise doesn’t say much about the older units or the new ones being built There has got to be a solution.

6 years ago

Move, pretty simple. They have a right to condition their coach. You have a right to move to another spot. Only solution.

6 years ago

I agree with inviting the Beaver RV owners over when their A/C is on (and put their seating closest to their RV). Another option, too, is to ask the campground owner/manager to visit your site when you know the neighbor’s A/C will be running and ask the owner/manager for suggested solutions (other than putting up with it). Folks running campgrounds usually stay busy enough that they are not aware of the actual living conditions in their ever-changing environment. Educating them is a good thing.

Marcel Ethier
6 years ago

I would invite the Beaver owners for cocktails one evening when their air is on and they will/should soon realize how loud their AC is.

J Anthony
6 years ago

I would ask to be moved to another site and explain the situation to the managers. Perhaps have them make a visit. I believe all push out vehicles should be together in the same areas. Makes everyones camping more enjoyable. We downsized to a Retro and enjoy being with the people who do spend time outside not watching TV’s.

6 years ago

I think I would try to move to another site. You can’t ask them to do without their air.

6 years ago

Often campground owners will ask for the size of a rig the number of slides. Perhaps if they also ask for the type of rig, i.e class a, c, etc, then maybe it might help to “group them together” as many of the same type of rig have the same features. I have noticed that most folks with the big rigs don’t spend much time outside in the summer. They stay in enjoying their 100,000 BTU plus A/C anyway.

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