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Don’t waste any wall space – maximize it with canvas cubbies

RV closet and storage space – there never seems to be enough of it! When downsizing and downsizing again, it’s easy to talk yourself into keeping excessive items that accumulate. Like shoes you haven’t worn in over a year, or a collection of ballcaps, or more socks than will fit in a drawer. So, instead of downsizing, how do you maximize closet space?

Organizing shoe clutter

Shoes tend to clutter floor space, especially at the front entrance. Whether it’s inside shoes versus outside shoes, or sneakers for going to the gym, hiking or walking, they accumulate quickly. If I’m like most people, I don’t readily pick up the shoes I just shed and carry them directly to the closet or shoe rack. I tend to shove them under the captains’ chairs out of the way of foot traffic. But it doesn’t take long for two people to accumulate five pairs vying for floor space around the driver’s foot pedal area.

Note: My hiking shoes are also in a rack on the wall.

Hidden gems

We still carry those “good” shoes we keep for special occasions. But do we really take note of accumulation? One friend lives by this rule: “If I buy a pair of shoes, I discard a pair.” Wow! She’s disciplined. I’m not so much.

These storage cubbies have come in very handy.

Uttering sense

If you utter aloud, “Do I really need these shoes or these caps or…. these whatever’s that we’ve been toting for months, if not years?” would it incite a decision to downsize or restructure your closet space? Maybe. So, before you feel obliged to discard, consider these canvas cubbies for shoes, caps, socks, gloves, scarves or whatever may fit, and attach them to the empty space in your closet. They’ve come to help us keep those probationary items still on our discard list. These are the cubbies I use and recommend.

Kate Doherty has been writing for more than 30 years in technical and general media. In her previous business, she and her spouse dealt with special projects within the military/government sector. Recently she published Masquerade: A Logan Scott Novel under the pen name Bryan Alexander, a thriller now available in eBook and paperback on Amazon. It’s a page-turner!


Secret storage? You have tons of it in your RV – just open that cabinet door!



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John Koenig
1 year ago

RV interior doors are incredibly flimsy. The top door you picture is in a RESIDENCE not an RV (look at the lockset). Hang that stuff on an RV bathroom door and in fairly short order, the “cubbies” will pull out of the HOLLOW CORE door used in RVs and / or the entire door will pull the screws loose from the “frame” allowing the door to fall off. Even what appears to be “solid wood” on the side of an RV cabinet is often a VERY THIN veneer, NOT a pice of “solid wood”. Experienced RVers will already know these pitfalls. Newbies however are NOT likely to know about the flimsy nature of RV construction. In future articles, PLEASE include a caveat as to the downsides of your project.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

We use one of those ‘shoe organizer’ thingies, but we put it under our bed. Works like a charm.

1 year ago

Don’t buy the resto finisher for wood BEFORE you read some reviews!!

Scott R. Ellis
1 year ago

Bear in mind that all those doors hang on hinges screwed into very thin wood at best and often not even that. I’d go easy on the shoes.

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