Tuesday, October 4, 2022


McTrain Car? McDonalds at Barstow is truly an original

You’ve seen one McDonalds, you’ve seen them all? Evidently there is at least one Mc-Restaurant that breaks the typical mold: Barstow, California off the old Historic Route 66 is unlike any other of the vast sea of franchised Ronald McDonald diners.

Based on a railroad theme (it all goes along with Barstow’s history), you can gobble your Big Mac in a rail car, if you like. Perhaps a giveaway that you’ve entered an unusual McD’s is the big red, railroad water tank prominently perched near the ubiquitous Golden Arches.

Some older ones may yearn for the days when you could get a real minty milkshake at McDonalds–they called it a Shamrock Milkshake. The Barstow Station McDonald’s is one of those rare stores in the system that sells the Shamrock Shake–but only along about St. Patty’s day.

Visit the Barstow Station McDonalds at 1611 Main Street, just off Interstate 15.

photo iccsports on flickr.com by creative commons license


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12 years ago

We've been through Barstow many, many times over the years. Sometimes RVing, sometimes not, but we've never seen the RR McCar. Thanks for this article. We love to poke around places to see what's there–we missed this one.