Friday, June 9, 2023


Transport yourself to Vulcan–Alberta, that is.

Seems like many RVers are likewise Star Trek fans. Now here’s a place that’s off the beaten path, and out of this world.

The good folks of Vulcan, Alberta, may have been in a wheat farming center of the universe, these days tourism is a mainstay of this town of 2,000, stationed on the edge of the Canadian Badlands, an hour away from Calgary. Realizing the town’s name (older then the series itself) would have some attraction to Trekkers and they’ve more than capitalized on it. From large outside murals based on the Trek theme, to a tourist information center (complete with virtual reality game), and the only place in the universe you can visit the Starship Vulcan (ID number FX6-1995-A), Vulcan is a point to set your star map coordinates to.

Not long ago, Mr. Spock himself turned up in Vulcan, the the roaring appreciation of Trek fans, and fellow Vulcans themselves. He unveiled a new bronze bust of himself, left a handprint in concrete (appropriately in the Vulcan salute), and no doubt shot the town website visitor statistics into orbit. If you should arrive in your personal RV starship, you’ll find plenty of camping opportunities. And if you’ve forgotten your uniform, have no fear, stop by the
Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station–you can use one of theirs for a photo-op. Or contact them by Internet subspace by clicking here. XF6-X6-1995-A1995-A


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