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Mobileye Collision Avoidance System prevents accidents


There is no reason why you and your RV should be behind the curve on the advances made in accident avoidance on the road. It is available now in new cars and trucks but you will likely have to add it yourself to your RV. 

The hundreds of miles and long hours RV drivers put behind the wheel can increase the dangers of fatigue and distraction. In fact, it’s been shown that nearly 80% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention three seconds prior to the crash. It reflects the importance of equipping all vehicles with safety technology that can save lives. The Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System is an affordable solution to keep families safer on the road; and since it can be installed in almost any RV, everyone can reap the benefits.

The Mobileye System alerts drivers to potential dangers before they happen, giving them time to react. The System provides an ever-vigilant digital eye that scans the road ahead for risks of forward collisions, unintentional lane departures, headway/following times, excessive speed, and pedestrian and cyclist hazards. When a threat is detected, the System warns with visual and audible alerts a few seconds before. These vital seconds can mean the difference between a devastating collision and an incident entirely avoided or far less severe.

The world’s leading auto manufacturers including BMW, Ford, Honda, Volvo and more use Mobileye technology in hundreds of new car models to make their vehicles safer for drivers. Shouldn’t RVs offer similar protection for drivers and their loved ones?

You can schedule a demo of the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System for RVs by calling an RV Specialist at (877) 867-4900 or by filling out a form on the Mobileye website.

Editor: Mobileye® is An Intel Company.

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Elaine Ibach
1 year ago

Is there a list of error codes?

Liz LaTendresse
4 years ago

A sideways question. Does anyone make a sensor that will let you know when it’s safe to return to your lane when passing? We flash our lights to let others know when they’re clear of our truck, but most drivers don’t do that. I’ve done internet searches but never found anything.

4 years ago

Rear Camera

4 years ago

we have something like this in the new tractors at work, they are going to get someone killed.
as the unit (factory installed) apply your brakes (lose 15 mph right now) just if someone cuts in front of you.and then the driver behind you rear ends you. can you say pile-up on the fwy.
chevy has a electric motor connected to the steering shaft. “lane assist” but when you go through construction and the computer says wrong way and turns your wheels to go another way..oops.
and of course we all know, computers never fail.

Mike Sokol(@mike)
4 years ago

I’ve already talked to their national sales manager about the technology and know a few details. Cost will be about $850 for the unit plus perhaps another $500 for installation and calibration by a certified installer. So maybe $1,300 all in. It can be retrofitted to ANY size truck or RV, and the calibration procedure is how it knows the size of your vehicle. I have a meeting with their tech guru at the Hershey show and will know more then. If all goes well they may be setting me up with a demo unit to experiment with and report on. So don’t worry, I’m on it….

4 years ago

Great, can it be retrofit on my old RV?

Bob Difley
4 years ago
Reply to  Ed

The company claims to be able to customize for “most” RVs. Either contact the manufacturer or a retailer and they can look it up and give you a definite answer.

Bob Difley
4 years ago

Robert – Cost varies by retailer but seems to be in the range of $650 to $800.

4 years ago

I’m interested but need to know the cost before I go any further.

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