So did they want a motorhome or a fifth wheel? Don’t try this at home!


You probably know at least one person who has trouble deciding what they want. Do you know anyone who has had trouble deciding what type of RV they want? Motorhome or fifth wheel? Well, if you know the person who designed (we say design lightly…) this RV, you do.

Did they want a motorhome? Did they want a fifth wheel? Well, we’re not sure, but they ended up with both.

Instagram user full.timervliving posted this with the caption, “Well this is interesting…” It sure it. It suuuuuuuure is.

What would you think if you saw this in a parking lot?


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Diane K.
10 days ago

I commend them for thinking outside the box! Clearly, alot of thought and hard work went into this project. I hope it brings them many years of “Happy Trails”.

10 days ago

NOW they have separate bedrooms!!!

GL2 Garage
12 days ago

Anyone notice the fifth wheel hitch is mounted behind the rear axle and not over top of it?

Patrick Macha
11 days ago
Reply to  GL2 Garage

I wonder what CVWR they go by?

10 days ago
Reply to  GL2 Garage

Had to be adjusted for weight distribution. Too much weight forward already.

David Blomberg
12 days ago

Pretty clever, I say! Add a matching paint job and it would be a really sharp looking set-up.

Paul S Goldberg
16 days ago

I wonder if this is the tow vehicle pictured in the story. Saw it in Rochester NY August of 2019

16 days ago

Mother-in-law suite.

Peter Sutton
17 days ago

Got to get me one of those what an ingenious idea

tim palmer
17 days ago

Hmmm. So they each have their own bath too?

17 days ago

Guess someone snores

Jim Humphreys
17 days ago

What in the Walter White is this?

David Ozanne
18 days ago

Perfect for traveling with the mother in law!

Karen P
18 days ago
Reply to  David Ozanne

🤣 Pretty good answer.

Tim & Kathleen
18 days ago

Maybe this was their way to resolve extra sleep space, or maybe it’s the In-law’s area… LOL

18 days ago

Possibly someone that transports trailers across country. The tow vehicle has overnight sleeping quarters for the driver.

Tom B
18 days ago

I love this! DW didn’t. I guess we will keep our class c for now.