Thursday, August 11, 2022


RV ready: Easy peasy Instant Pot spaghetti

By Nanci Dixon

Keeping the Instant Pot® on the counter is working (read my post about that here)! The weather is getting cooler, Labor Day is over and the campsites are clearing out. Time for some warm comfort food. This week I made easy peasy spaghetti in the Instant Pot. I love pasta but hesitate to make it in the RV because I don’t want to steam up the motorhome boiling water for the noodles or use up so much propane. The Instant Pot is so quick and easy and has plenty of leftovers. I had all the ingredients on hand and didn’t even have to go shopping. It was simple to add favorite ingredients or use up a few straggler veggies. Added benefit? Only one pot to clean!


1 lb ground Italian turkey (can use hamburger or ground Italian pork)

1 medium onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced or 1 tsp jarred minced

1 stalk celery if desired, chopped

1 med or 2 small tomatoes, roughly chopped

1 4 oz can of sliced mushrooms (if desired)

2 bay leaves

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1/2 tsp dried oregano

Salt and pepper as desired

1 24 oz jar spaghetti sauce

1 24 oz jar of water

8 oz spaghetti noodles (about 1/2 of 16 oz package)


1.) Set the Instant pot on Sauté and add olive oil.

2.) When hot add the onion. Sauté until soft. I had celery and carrots in the fridge, so I chopped them up and added those too.

3.) Add garlic and choice of meat. Sauté, stirring occasionally until cooked.

4.) Add bay leaf, Italian seasoning and oregano. Stir.

5.) Break spaghetti noodles in half and spread evenly over meat.

6.) Pour spaghetti sauce over noodles.

7.) Fill the sauce jar with water, shake and add over sauce and noodles. Note: If you like thicker sauce use only about 3/4 jar of water.

8.) Push noodles down into liquid. Do NOT stir.

9.) Set Instant Pot to manual, high pressure for 10 minutes. (9 minutes for firmer noodles)

Quick-release when done.

Season with salt and pepper as desired.

Stir, serve and enjoy!



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Jeff Craig
1 year ago

We love our InstaPot(s). We have a 5Qt size for home and a 3Qt one for our Class A. We basically cut our recipes in half for the smaller one. I’ll have to try your recipe, but I can tell you that after a hard day at work, InstaPot spaghetti is a life-changer! It’s so easy to get dinner in under 30 minutes with little work.

We’ve developed some shortcuts on our favorite recipe, including using Italian Sausage crumbles (the kind restaurants use on pizza) from our local restaurant supply store instead of fighting with browning up fresh meat, and I use rotini instead of spaghetti noodles, as they hold the sauce better (personal preference really).

1 year ago

Nanci – I’m definitely going to try this. I love our Instant Pot! One question, especially if you use ground beef, do you drain any of the grease? Thanks

1 year ago

Nancy, thanks for the Instant Pot recipes! I love using my daughters when we park in her backyard, but I’m thinking I may have to look for the smaller version for travels in our Class B. It’s looking like we may be in RV Parks more this winter anyway!

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