Motorhome sideswipes truck. Video captures it all. Ugly!


Watch as a Class A motorhome sideswipes a big rig truck on I-15 in Southern California. The truck had made an emergency stop before the crash occurred. The result is not pretty. There’s no doubt it, the RV is a goner. Fast forward to about 50 seconds, there’s nothing going on before that.


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I thought that all motorhomes were like ours and had brakes. If you look and can’t get left, you don’t just keep going in hopes that the car passes, you get on the brakes. Take the car out if you have to, but you had better be standing on the brakes when you do. You are still at fault, but you don’t come away looking like a complete dumba@@. When I worked crashes like this one, the citation normally read reckless driving plus any other charges that were warranted. Most officers have no sympathy for stupidity.

Bill Duff

I was always taught in the many defensive driving classes throughout my FD career to take that if you are destined to crash, take out the object with the least resistance.


Should have taken the exit?

Alan B Wolfe

The RV had 700 feet between the Truck and the RV. The truck was driving in front, then just came to a complete stop in the road.
The driver then had to react, then drive to the left lane where there was much faster traffic coming.
At the last second the RV realizes the fast little white car can’t get out of the way enough, so the RV held back to prevent THAT accident.

John Groom

Yup should have been looking up the road instead of at all his camera’s. Also, note the white car blindly driving in the center lane making its slow pass thus prevent the rv from making an emergency lane change. 4-wheeler traffic will block your lane change if your not careful so defensive driving says look down the road so you can plan ahead!!!!!!!!


Looked totally preventable, 100% MH driver error.


And the MH driver who appears TOTALLY at fault is denying ANY responsibility if you look at his multiple videos on YouTube. He does use creative editing to try and weasel out.


Well folks as someone who made a living repairing this stuff for over four decades, seeing the damage is no surprise. What it all speaks to is lack of compulsory driving education. I willl never cease being totally baffled knowing that anyone can run these big rigs with little of no training, learn as you go. There’s plenty of eveidence here suggestive of a driver who simply ran out of luck. If everyone in that RIG SURVIVED THIS THEY BETTER BUY A LOTTERY TICKET.
Also universally, the top RV vehicle speed especially with tow behind should be 60mph, I am passed regularly by giants at 75 mph and sometimes more. A disaster looms there from which there often is little chance of return!

Bob p

Motor home driver was at fault all the way through this video, first they were driving in the far left lane which they had no business being in as they weren’t passing any vehicles. Next they failed to move over approaching the truck, common sense says if you see a disabled vehicle on the side of the road you either move over or slow to a safe speed. What if the driver of that truck would’ve step around the corner his truck when this happened, there would be a charge of vehicular homicide. It really irks me when buy a big rv and never give any thought that it is different than driving their Honda Civic. Maybe they had it on cruise control and were back watching 70 year old reruns of Ozzie and Harriet.