Never buy an RV this way!


By Chuck Woodbury
The following is right from the website of Gander RV & Outdoors, which is essentially the same company as Camping World.

Our advice: Never, ever, do this. Never!

Never buy an RV without checking it out thoroughly, and if you’re smart you’ll have an independent technician check it out, too. He or she will see problems you would likely never see yourself.

Legally, I suspect, you could turn down the RV upon delivery, but I’ll bet the delivery person (salesperson) would try every trick in his or her book to keep that from happening.

Chances are you’ll never be offered a deal like this from another dealer, just Camping World or Gander RV, the leaders in selling cheap RVs and financing them for 15 to 20 years. The profit for Camping World is in the financing, as well as selling you extended warranties, road service, tire protection and anything else a naive buyer would fall for. “Hey, it will only add $4 a month to your payment,” the salesman will say, and the customer will think no big deal, “Okay, toss it in,” realizing that’s for the next 20 years, plus interest.

If another dealer offers you a similar deal, don’t do it. Never.

This is Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World and Gander RV. He’s a smart businessman, who cares about himself and his stockholders. He cares about you, too, for your money. He operates legally, but it’s all about Marcus and his empire, not you. So be careful.

Again, never buy an RV that is delivered to you, sight unseen.


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Donald N Wright

What if the RV breaks down in transit to you?


“He operates legally” is not entirely true, at least not with that oversized flag issue he started.

Stay cool


To continue: Never BUY any RV from Camping World or Gander Mountain!

You see that “BLANK” eating grin on Marcus Lemonis’ face! Do you wonder what he is really thinking? I can only imagine myself. But the first word that comes to mind is: “SUCKER”! Or “I got your money now go away”!

And for those people who think his little CON Job statement he makes on his ad, “If you’re not happy, I’m not happy”, is just that. a CON job. For people who try to contact Lemonis via the Email listed, you are not talking to Lemonis at all! Most likely to some paid STOOGE, who will respond sympathetically and promise to get back to you, “RIGHTTTTTT”!

People simply need to learn, “DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM CAMPING WORLD”!

OR, if you cannot learn from other peoples mistakes, then let the NIGHTMARE begin and go ahead and BUY that “GREAT DEAL” from “RIP OFF WORLD”!