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NUBOOM wireless solar Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound



By Bob Difley

Wireless indoor/outdoor speakers have evolved and become very popular in the last few years. The quality of the sound (especially the lower tones) has also improved as they have become smaller in size. Such requirements have become demanding if you want to play sound from a movie or streaming music for family outings.

Have you experienced a poor connection, poor sound, or a sudden loss of power when you were playing music with your little Bluetooth speaker? Now NuVending has introduced the NUBOOM, a Solar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with a CSR 4.0 top-in-industry Bluetooth chip, a huge 4400mAh battery capable of 55+ hours of playing time, and also a high-quality monocrystalline silicon 5V/220mA solar panel.

You can use the speaker anywhere, no plug-in needed, and stream news, music, and podcasts from almost all Bluetooth powered cell phones and tablets with a few clicks. And the sound will surprise you. A nice solid clear bass with a big subwoofer and 10W stereo speakers, as if coming from a much larger speaker system. Once you connect it wirelessly to your phone, just select whatever you want to listen to and it will play on the speaker – up to 32 feet away! Also play audio from laptops, PCs, and mp3 players with the included 3.5 mm audio mini-jack cable. When fully charged it will give you up to 55 hours of playback time at 70% volume. You can go for an all-day beach/park/camping/hiking day or mountain bike ride with the included carabiner hook hung from your backpack, or Velcro-strapped to your bike, and play music the entire time without worrying about saving the battery.

SHOCKPROOF/SPLASHPROOF: The silicone rubber cover and advanced solar panel mean you don’t have to worry about dropping it from 6 1/2 feet in height and breaking it. Splashproof means you could rinse it off and ride your bike in the rain (just don’t submerge it for a long time, but it will withstand an accidental drop in water).

Its 4400mAh lithium-ion battery will charge your cell phone in an emergency via a USB plugin, as well as only 10 minutes of direct sunlight will allow you to enjoy 30 minutes of music playback too. The level of remaining power capacity will show next to its Bluetooth icon on your phone. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, and you can answer that phone call from grandma and the grandkids by simply pushing a button on the speaker when they call. It has a nice heft to it and seems solidly built and protected by the silicone cover. Stereo sound is provided by placing two powerful 5W speakers on one side of the all black rectangular box and the strong subwoofer on the other. The modern Star Wars style design looks cool too. And it comes in two color options: surface black and skylight blue.

SPECIAL OFFER TO RV TRAVEL READERS: NuVending is offering a special discount on Amazon of 25% only for RV Travel readers (sorry, but only one per customer) this holiday weekend (offer expires Thursday, November 30). When you log in to Amazon enter the code RVTRAVEL and the discount will appear on the buy page.

NOTE: Neither NuVending nor RV Travel can predict how many units will sell during this promotion. However, if the NUBOOM stock in the Amazon warehouse sells out (it has received 13 reviews, all 5 stars in around one month), all successive orders will be filled once stock is replenished, which should be within a few days.

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Mike Sherman
5 years ago

Major flaw in the ad….no price listed, just a “25% discount”…..25% from what?