Friday, December 9, 2022


When I walked on the Moon


Like many of my peers, I figured I’d make it to the Moon in my life. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin visited in 1969, surely 20 or 30 years later tours would be offered. Maybe I could stay in a hotel there for a few days. Maybe hit some golf balls half a mile.

Alas, it didn’t happen. Or did it? My memory these days is sometimes a little sketchy. I just came across this photo showing me taking a stroll on the lunar surface. I think maybe I did make it. I mean, a photo is proof, right?

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4 years ago

I think the auto industry is holding us back from the jet pack era. Seriously, couldn’t we just strap one on and fly off to the grocery store for a few items without any traffic issues or parking lot encounters? Plenty of air space to share, and just plug in to recharge at home. Too much money being made in gas and oil products to allow this kind of freedom, eh?

Tim Boller
5 years ago

I’m with Karen, I thought by now the Jetsons would be my neighbors!

5 years ago

When we were stationed in Thailand, there was an island off shore
in the gulf of Siam which was owned by a general in the military. When he was not in residence, we could rent a Thai fishing boat and go there to snorkel in the clear water. I went exploring on the island and found a concrete pad with the 3 astronauts foot prints and their name signed below them. Putting my foot in Neil Armstrong’s impression and finding we had the same size foot was a close to the moon as I’ll ever get.

5 years ago

Chuck, did you happen to find my purple wallet with pictures of kittens & puppies inside?

John Koenig
5 years ago

I was in NY’s Central Park on July, 20th, 1969 with thousands of other people when Neil Armstrong was going to make history. We all waited in the rain for hours (the actual first walk was delayed; I don’t remember why) watching huge monitors that had been set up. Pan American World Airways had a booth that was signing people up for a future trip to the moon. I still have my “reservation” card somewhere! It was an AMAZING night. It’s truly sad that our space program has not received the support it deserves. We really should be MUCH further along than we are.

5 years ago

I’m glad you made it! I’m still waiting for the personal jet pack and flying car I thought we’d have by now…