Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Amazing video shows how easily coronavirus spreads

This 35-second video is an eye-opener. Florescent paint is applied to the palm of one student’s hand before he dines at a buffet with nine other students. Thirty minutes later a black light is turned on to reveal where the paint had spread — and in this case it was to every one of the other nine students, and on the faces of three of them.

Just imagine if that single student had the coronavirus on his hands instead of  the fluorescent paint.

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out that every one of those others students would have been exposed to the deadly germ. And if they didn’t wash their hands (or even their faces) before interacting later with other people, the germ would continue to spread.

Maybe not such a good idea to dine at a restaurant buffet these days. . .

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Doug Patterson
2 years ago

What this shows is how fast fluorescent paint spreads. I would be very careful about making a stretch like this; there has been enough fear spread already.

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