Thursday, October 21, 2021


PBS spotlights RV work campers in excellent report

The PBS NewsHour, Public Television’s evening news program, recently profiled the growing movement commonly called work camping. Thousands upon thousands of RVers — the number is almost certainly in the six-figure range — travel with their RV from place to place to work. For some, it’s simply to keep busy. For others it’s essential income. Most are baby boomer age.

Amazon is perhaps the best known employer of work campers — relying heavily on them in its warehouses during the holiday season — but there are plenty more, as you will see in the video below. In this excellent report, you’ll meet some work campers, who explain why they work, the jobs they take and what they are paid.

The pandemic has spurred a surge in RVing due to the need for social distancing and outdoor activity, and work camping jobs don’t appear to be suffering.

But it’s not all fun, the news segment points out. PBS NewsHour correspondent Paul Solman filed this excellent report.



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2 months ago

But they barely mentioned working at RV parks and campgrounds!