Friday, December 9, 2022


My perfect mash-up: Which truck features would you combine?


By Gail Marsh

Hundreds of folks responded to our query last week: In your eyes, what is the perfect truck? Most readers answered as I would. They named a single truck brand, make, and model. A few folks were more creative and took the features from several trucks and combined them to make their own version of a perfect truck. Take Peggy P., for example. Here’s her perfect truck:

“My perfect truck would have the suspension and ride of a Chevy 3500, the payload capacity and torque of a Ford 350 with a Power stroke diesel, 4WD, crew cab interior of an F 350 front and back seat. Full size bed with 6-way fold down tailgate like the new GM Sierra, heated extendable power mirrors, heated seats, remote start. B&W fifth wheel hitch. Still debating about a dually. They don’t do well with the snowy/icy conditions around here.”

That would be a great truck, don’t you think? Well, now it’s your turn! If you could “mash-up” your favorite features from the many trucks out there, what would your perfect truck look like, and which features would you combine? Tell us by filling out the form below, or by leaving a comment.

Oh, and wondering about that truck mash-up in the photo above? Read about it here.

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