Friday, January 28, 2022


This pickup truck drives upside-down – no joke!

How about towing your RV with this thing? You’d get stopped so much you’d never make it to your destination!

Illinois native Rick Sullivan has seen his fair share of upside-down cars from crashes as the owner of a local collision center. It was at the site of a crash when he hatched the idea for an upside-down truck, which he’d later build over 6 months using two trucks, his 1991 Ford Ranger and a 1995 F-150. The road-legal truck cost $6,000 to build.

The truck is designed to look like a white and red Ford pickup truck that has been knocked upside-down on its roof. It even has spinning top tires and a license plate that reads, “FLIPOVR.”

Rick estimates that 1,000 photos are taken of his truck every day. Wow!

Click below to watch a video of Rick and his truck in action. It’s incredible!


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2 months ago

What a waste of money.

Bob P
2 months ago

A classic example of having more dollars than sense!

Thomas Champagne
11 months ago

How often does he balance and align the top four tires ?