Tuesday, October 4, 2022


In your eyes, what is the perfect truck?

“I’m retired and my wife works full-time . . . [so] I was left unsupervised.” That’s why reader Randall J. began an ambitious project: building his perfect truck!

You read that right! He will use a 1965 GMC heavy-duty truck body featuring a full-sized cab. His truck will have a Cummins diesel engine, four-wheel drive, heavy suspension, and everything else he’s ever wanted in a truck!

What’s more, Randall plans to make a solar-powered, slide-in truck camper for his perfect truck. “I’m building my dream,” he says.

How about you? If you had the money, time, skill, workspace, and tools, what would you include in your perfect truck? Please tell us by filling out the form below, or by leaving a comment. If you can, please try to keep your comment to 200 words or less. Thank you!


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Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

The “perfect truck” is whatever I happen to own at any given time. Otherwise, I would have gotten rid of it.  😉 

Mark Thiel
1 year ago

The perfect truck is a 2007 2500 Silverado Classic Duramax diesel. I have 309,000+ miles at a cost for repairs and maintenance of 11.76 cents per mile. Still going strong.