RVtravel.com Reader Pets #18

“Here is my little 10 lb. RV travel companion, Chico. He is almost a year-and-a-half old and does what mom does, even if it means wearing a mask into the stores. I am a nurse and saw too many families entering the stores with their children, none wearing any PPE. I figured if they saw my little guy wearing a mask then the kids and hopefully their parents could relate to the importance of wearing a mask. Chico waits patiently for me to put his mask on in the car before we enter any public area. It has become second nature to him.” — Cheryl D. 

“We went to a shelter in Indiana (just to look, right…?) and when we walked in the door, my wife felt a paw patting her on the shoulder. Zoe – then named Hannah – was in the high perch of a cat condo right by the door, apparently so she could greet (& evaluate?) visitors. She picked us, and after we passed the shelter’s background check, we brought our cat carrier to pick her up. The shelter director put the carrier on the floor, opened the door, and said, “OK, Hannah – go on in.” And she just walked right in, turned around and lay down looking out at us. “I’m ready; let’s go home.

“We’ve had her six years now and she’s traveled with us to all our various jobs around the country during that time. We must have a pillow on our laps for her to jump up and be petted. And sleep. And watch movies with us. She likes to read. But she likes to lounge in the front window when we’re stopped. And she’s curious about our gin & tonics but hasn’t tried one yet. And she’s smart – or at least compliant, when she agrees to roll over for me.” — Tim Slack and Karen Gunderman 

“Our 2-year-old German Shepherd Maya loves to go camping! Her own private pool is one of the most crucial items in our rig!” — Tim Mattis

“Gabby is almost 14 years old and sleeps a lot but on any given day will have some spunk to go for a walk. What she does that just melts me is to put her head on my lap and just look at me with her brown eyes waiting for an ear rub.  If mom is away she will sit on the driveway waiting for her, it does not matter if it’s raining, snowing, hot, cold or dinner time – she will not come in until mom comes home.” — Joseph
Update from editor: We are very sorry to report that Gabby has died.

“Hoover is a Giant Schnauzer and is 2 years old. Every RVer needs a 90-pound terrier, lol!  He goes everywhere with us.  If he’s not welcome, we don’t go.” — Dave Johnson

“Cooper usually prefers to be on the inside looking out but occasionally he steals a lawn chair (leashed of course). He loves to look out any window and chirp at the birds, but he loves to sleep anywhere there is a patch of sun. He now hates our cold winters in Winnipeg and prefers to go south for the winter. We also camp quite a bit close to home with the grandsons in the summer (some of the campgrounds are opening). We bring along the guest house (tent) for the grandsons and they love it, but Cooper prefers to sleep inside with us if he can get away with it.” —Caren, Greg & Cooper Kelly, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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