RVtravel.com Reader Pets #27

Artie and Gordy
“Artie and Gordy are 6-year-old littermates that we got at 8 weeks old. They roughhouse together, play tug together, love people, other dogs, treats, and looking out of the RV window when we travel. One of our cats interacts with them; the other, 18 years old, runs from them and they chase. They are a mixed breed that a DNA test showed contains PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen), Harrier hound, Münsterländer, Akita, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a few other mixed breeds. Artie loves the water and colder weather, Gordy loves watching squirrels and would chase them if he could. They have a great sense of smell and used to bring us small animal skulls from the field behind us. They both loved romping at the beach in Oregon.” — Janet Shingleton & Rachel Johansen. 

“This is Coco. He is part Shih Tzu, Poodle, and Pug in that order. A rescue we’ve had for about three years. He loves to travel and camp. He goes with us just about everywhere.” — Jim

“Posy is an Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier who is the granddaughter of our Tinker, that we went to Ireland in 2004 to get. She loves to look out the windows when we camp.” —Marty Dagneau-Bates

“Mitzie is a 3-year-old dachshund mix. She won’t tell us her other half! She enjoys RVing and likes her doggie window.” —Ivan Read

Miss Summer
“Looks like Miss Summer wants to read the paper too.” —Denise George

“It’s not a dinosaur eye. It’s my dog Tovah’s nose peeking out from under her bed cover.” —ToriLynn Hinton

“Gunter is a 2-year-old all-white purebred German Shepherd. He loves to go for rides, either camping or off-roading. Fetching a ball also gets him excited. People that pass by us on walks always comment on how beautiful he is.” —Dana Lakeman

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