Tuesday, September 27, 2022


RVer Poetry Corner: ‘Hail’ and the ‘Sounds of Silence’

This week’s poem is from reader Nina Soltwedel, her second contribution. She wrote:

“Where we live in Colorado, we get occasional hail. This past spring was a time of quite a few storms … many houses in our subdivision had to have roofs replaced (including ours). For weeks and weeks, much of what we heard was the tap-tap-tapping of the auto-hammers, as the many workers toiled in the warm sunshine. One particularly ‘loud’ day, when it seemed as if the noise would never ease, the following came to mind – a parody on Simon and Garfunkle’s ‘Sounds of Silence’.”

Hello, tapping, my old friend
It’s good to hear you once again.
From the morning and into the night
When I hear you, I know that it’s all right
‘Cause I know you are doing others good
As you should…

Until the Sound of Silence.
All the roofs are now your friends…
You’ve tapped and fixed down all the ends.
Cov’ring up those wooden slats…
‘Cause you know that’s where it’s at…
Protecting the good folks who live below
And so they go…
Waiting for the Sound of Silence

Do you have a poem to submit inspired by your RVing? Submit it here. No pay, just fame and glory.


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