Monday, May 10, 2021
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A poem from a reader: “To get a pet”

Janet Jackson is one of our long-time readers. She is currently incarcerated in Illinois. This poem was handwritten and mailed to us. By Janet Jackson When...

Readers speak out: “The RV Life” – a poem by Janet Jackson

One of our readers, Janet Jackson, handwrote this poem and mailed it to us from Lincoln, Illinois. We've typed it up for you to...

RVer Poetry Corner: ‘Hail’ and the ‘Sounds of Silence’

This week's poem is from reader Nina Soltwedel, her second contribution. She wrote: "Where we live in Colorado, we get occasional hail. This past spring...

Poem of the week: “For My Senior Trip”

We received this from Scott Branton who, according to the email, is a graduating high school senior and RV enthusiast. Read more about him...

RVer Poetry Corner: If the coach is rockin’ …

This week's poem is from reader Pris Miller, who wrote: I wrote this poem after observing two geezers in the campground watching our motorhome. If this motorhome...

RVer Poetry Corner: The Silent Sentinels

This lovely poem comes from reader Nina Soltwedel. She introduced it to us this way: April being Poetry Month, I offer this simple poem. It...