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Will you spend all or part of Memorial Day weekend in your RV?

Are you headed out with your RV for Memorial Day weekend? Do you have your reservations, or maybe you know a secret spot where they aren’t required where you’ll have no problem finding space?

Anyone who has camped much in recent years knows there are three weekends each year that are guaranteed to bring campers out in hordes — Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Well, the first of those three is just around the corner.

Hopefully, if you’re headed out you’ve got a reservation. But whatever the case, will you spend the weekend in your RV?

Remember, it may take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by. . .

And for Canadian readers, will you spend the weekend before — Victoria Day weekend — in your RV? And P.S. We miss all of you down here in the US of A, and hope you can return  soon (and we’re looking forward to heading your way again, soon).


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1 year ago

We usually go up to north FL for the Folk festival (canceled this year) but already had booked the campground. After the weekend traveling to Kentucky, round trip 45 days.

1 year ago

Now that we are retired, we go before or after holiday times. At the moment, BC
Health Regulations say we can’t travel outside of our area until after June 15.

1 year ago

Since we retired, we avoid rush days and hours everywhere. No RVing on holidays, no grocery store visits between 5 & 6pm, and we go to restaurants before or after the rush…

David carlson
1 year ago

no way too many crazy people camping, I go the week before or after

1 year ago

I NEVER go out rving on Memorial Day week-end, just too many people!!!!!

Neal Davis
1 year ago

Our RV is in the shop presently. We are hopeful of retrieving it sometime next week, if not this week.

jim b
1 year ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

mine in shop also,!

SoCal poboy
1 year ago

We sure will! That’s because we are full timers. But we would be traveling? Not! We are mooch docking in the relatives driveway and doing so much I needed maintenance. Just another day in the life. But we stay off the highways during those crazy holiday weekends.

1 year ago

We don’t like camping on Holidays. It’s too hard to get reservations.

1 year ago

We are full timers but hunker down at our sticks and bricks for Memorial Day and Labor Day

1 year ago

Yes, because we just started full timing yesterday in beautiful San Diego. 🙂

1 year ago

Needed a 4th option: yes because I live fulltime in it.

Mike Albert
1 year ago

Yes. Thursday through Sunday in Sanibel, FL. Great RV park!

Roy Davis
1 year ago

Since retiring, both Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are times we avoid staying in campgrounds. These two weekends are when a lot of the Partiers show up.

1 year ago

Full Time. 15 years.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I never travel on holiday weekends. Weather permitting, we’ll be boondocking at a friends place locally, relaxing, enjoying nature, and BBQ on monday..

Linda Bella
1 year ago

We are traveling now to beat the rush. We get home the day before Memorial day.

1 year ago

I’ll be in mine, in the driveway, working on mods for this winter’s snowbirding trip. I won’t even drive my car in the insane summer weekend traffic. The beach is three blocks away – walk or bike.

Marybeth Almand
1 year ago

We make sure we are camphosting at one of our favorite spots Memorial Day THROUGH Labor Day so we don’t have to be on the road or hunting for a place to camp.

Scott R. Ellis
1 year ago

Usually avoid Memorial Day, the Fourth, and Labor Day. If we do go out, it’s to some remote boondocking spot. Too many amateurs out on those days even in a normal year.

Diane McG
1 year ago

Normally don’t travel holidays or summer. One exception is going to the Indy500, which is always (except last year) Sunday before Memorial Day. So we left May 11th, arrived May 17th. Stay at RV park and drive into track for practices/qualifying. Thursday before race we have dry camp parking (electrical available for a price) for 4 nights across from the main entrance to the track. So although we are in our RV for Memorial Day weekend it’s easy. Just get up, get ready and walk across the street. Never had a problem traveling on Monday, Memorial Day on our way home. Although we do book RV site way in advance.

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