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How often do you camp more than 100 yards from the nearest other camper?

How often do you camp far from the crowds? It’s safe to say that if you stay in RV parks, you’ll be lucky to be 20 feet away from a neighbor, not the length of a football field as we’re asking here.

What we’re trying to understand is how often do you camp in areas where your nearest RV neighbor is far away – maybe in a forest, or in the desert, off the beaten path. If that nearest neighbor is a guy who smokes cigars all day long, you won’t have to endure the smoke and smell.

So how often do you camp like this. Curious minds would like to know.

And remember, if you’re on a slow internet connection, it may take a few moments for the poll to load. So please stand by there, pardner. It’ll be along soon.

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Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodburyhttps://rvtravel.com
I'm the founder and publisher of RVtravel.com. I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Gray (@guest_130068)
2 years ago

I fail to see how totally enclosed mobile living spaces burdened with every utility and convenience of a home dwelling including electronic communication and entertainment devices can be called “camping.” The fact they gather in herds within touching distance of each other in ranks and rows seems a minor inconvenience. Shutter the blinds!

A far more practical and eco-friendly approach is to leave the massive conveyances at home; commute to a park where pre-situated glamping dwellings await. Stroll among the like-minded neighbors. Call for take-out meals. Dial up the scenic views on the wall-mounted screens. Pure luxury!

Richard Chabrajez (@guest_129793)
2 years ago

We’ve been 100 yards out almost every time we’ve stayed at a Harvest Host.

Anita Hollis (@guest_129736)
2 years ago

We leave early to get a good spot and usually before we leave, there is someone that thinks we have a good spot and moves in too close, we try and get our dogs barking when they are parking so maybe they will move 🙂

Jim (@guest_129599)
2 years ago

We have camped with no others in site many times.
However, that was tent camping on canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area.
Since we have moved to RV Trailer camping we have always stayed in developed campgrounds.

Jeff Craig (@guest_129582)
2 years ago

That’s boondocking on BLM land distance – we stay in state parks 90% of the time. The rest of our stays are in commercial parks, Wally World/Cabellas lots or at the NASCAR track campground. Rarely have we been more than 40ft away from our nearest neighbor.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_129512)
2 years ago

Rarely before the pandemic, frequently, staying local since last year. It’s so peaceful and relaxing just being out there with nature.

Bill (@guest_129470)
2 years ago

We’ve had an RV in one form or another for forty years. Started with a Chevy 3/4 ton and Westways 10′ cabover, then over the years a sweet 22′ Sunflyer, a 24′ toy hauler trailer and now a Chevy 3500 dually 4×4 with an 11′ Lance.
2 other couples have bought class A units after staying in our Sunflyer on mostly boondocking trips. Oddly enough one couple always stays in higher end RV parks or places with full hookups and says they don’t consider themselves campers so much as RVers. The other couple says they are campers and are becoming frustrated with how the size (30′ length) of their unit limits their joining us in the back country.

Lois Johnson (@guest_129451)
2 years ago

The feature story was an excellent read, but sad for the owner. As full timers, 14 years, we’re not looking for an oasis of entertainment. If we have a choice of Walmart, truck stop, friends driveway or “Keep On Adding” we will pick the quiestist and most convenient. The smaller private owned is where we head to first. Keep the rates down with showers, laundry and close to attractions. You don’t need to be the attraction, just a quiet place to call home for awhile. Advertise as such and we’ll come.

Bob P (@guest_129442)
2 years ago

The only way I could do that is to be in our own back yard.

Mary Ann (@guest_129438)
2 years ago

Some 60 years ago our family took a canoe trip and camped on the bank of the waterway. We felt the isolation as soon as the groceries ran low and faced a long hard row back to the launch. That was the first and last time I camped more than 100 yards to another camper.

Evie (@guest_129433)
2 years ago

Last weekend on our way home we camped in Tallahassee. Our neighbor was about 10 inches from us. We have never camped that close. Our slide was inches from the next awning. Never again! Our only saving grace was we had an end site so only one neighbor.

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