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Do you have an extended warranty on your RV?

Do you have, or did you have, an extended warranty for your RV? Some RVers swear by these; others believe they are a waste of money. RV dealers love selling extended warranties because it’s easy money for them.

After you answer, please leave a comment. What do you think about extended warranties? What’s been your experience with them? Has having an extended warranty saved you a lot of money on a repair?

Remember, it may take a few moments for the poll to load if you are on a slow connection.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Mike (@guest_144298)
2 years ago

Not yet but when manufacturers warranty runs out in December will purchase Jayco plus

Patrick DAnnunzio (@guest_144281)
2 years ago

Had one on old RV. The one we have now is under mfgs warranty. We’ll get an extended when this one expires.

Tom (@guest_144234)
2 years ago

Dumped it after I had a lock failure in our driveway resulting in no access to camper. Many calls placed to warranty company and after 3 days waiting for a roadside tech to arrive, a person came and said , oh a camper, not done one of these before. Destroyed the lock and was going to break the window before I stopped this plan. Called our car insurance company and a locksmith was dispatched with resolution and a new lock. Warranty company was forced with legal action from car insurance company to pay for the lock , locksmith and service call. The end of that mistake. I will do my own service from this point forward.

Tom Hodge (@guest_144214)
2 years ago

An extended warranty is a card game between you and the company offering the warranty. You’re betting the new RV you just purchased will break in a defined period of time and the warranty company is betting it won’t. So you have to check your cards and call the bluff. My advice is to remember that these companies remain in business because they win a lot more than they lose. Personally I did not and will not but to each their own.

Dennis M. (@guest_144168)
2 years ago

We felt so pressured by the finance/warranty salesman at CW four years ago. He got mad when we simply refused to buy the extended warranty. He said these things are junk, will breakdown! Should have walked then. Fortunately things that did break were within the initial new unit period. Still was a pain to visit CW for repairs – not anymore, avoid that place.

Benny H Smith (@guest_144002)
2 years ago

Wow. I just read all the other comments. As a public service which you guys do a lot of. I recommend the following question: After buying an extended warranty would you buy another.

Benny H Smith (@guest_143996)
2 years ago

WARRENTIES are only for an RV that stays near your dealer.. if you are going on a real trip away from your dealership it is a waste of money. Warranties do not pay for the hotel while your RV is off the road for an extended period. My dometic fridge went out at 90 days on the road. We were in California with our Keystone Montana from Pittsburgh.. Went to five dealers. Two others in Washington and Idaho wouldn’t even put me on list because I didn’t buy our brand new Montana there. In California the best time to look at fridge was 6 weeks. That six weeks is only if I left our RV with those dealers. But without using the warranty I got it fixed in three days. Why you may ask. Because they make very little on a warranty repair. So keep your Cash in case you need it and you will.

Last edited 2 years ago by Benny H Smith
Barrie Riddoch (@guest_143898)
2 years ago

I had one and it didn’t pay for repairs. I had a Safari Trek with the bed in the ceiling. One night a power surge blew the torque motor. Could not get the bed back to the ceiling. Eventually after a few phone calls got the bed raised and locked in place. Took the unit in for repair. The policy didn’t cover the $1500 repair because the insurance said it wasn’t “high tech”. Only RV that had that type of bed at the time. Had another problem with the electric step. That wasn’t covered either. Did have one success after a lot of frustration. Fuel pump kept seizing and the motor stopped. My mechanic was able to get the insurance to cover that. A year later got a letter from GM saying they would replace the fuel pump at no cost. Haven’t considered buying another policy ever again. Total rip-off!

Bob p (@guest_143894)
2 years ago

I am the extended warranty. We bought our TT from a used RV dealer, it originally was purchased by an elderly couple and she had a stroke and couldn’t use it anymore after they had gone out 2 times so it’s like new and 1 year old but no warranty so whatever goes wrong is on me.

Dee (@guest_143880)
2 years ago

Our extended warranty just paid the majority of a bill for a broken axle on our RV. That claim paid for the cost of the warranty. I did not want to buy it, but my husband decided to proceed. I am so glad he did!

Austin (@guest_143856)
2 years ago

Count me as 1 that had extended coverage but after the list of denied repairs I allowed it to lapse. Years back.

James McKenzie (@guest_143842)
2 years ago

I accidentally had one once, BUT my claims would routinely get denied. So I did the math – and I could save more money by canceling the “insurance” and paying the bills to the mechanics myself instead of paying the salaries of insurance company employees

Richard Hughes (@guest_143837)
2 years ago

We suckered for the extended warranty once. Never again.

Jeff Craig (@guest_143831)
2 years ago

Bought an extended warranty when I bought my Class A – and it probably broke even for the $7500 I paid for it. The only problem I had with it was it didn’t cover one very important repair. One of the rollers on my kitchen slide broke (bad bearing) and it tore up the vinyl flooring. The warranty fixed the roller, but didn’t fix the floor. I got my RV back, and there was this big gash in the floor when I tested it out! Turns out, the warranty fixed the broken part, but the fine-print wouldn’t fix any subsequent damage. My point was I’d never know of the bad bearing, if the floor hadn’t come apart… I cut around the damaged section, put down a pair of ‘peel and stick’ tiles, but I wish the repair facility would have alerted me so I could have gotten the floor fixed while the slide was removed! It’s the one thing I ever faulted my SA for, otherwise, she was amazing.

Vanessa Simmons (@guest_143824)
2 years ago

So far I’ve paid $2650 for a microwave to be replaced. $2600 for the extended warranty for 5 years and $50 for my deductible on the microwave. I have two years to go on the warranty, wonder what will break after those two years are up that will cost big bucks. Maybe I can speed some things up and get them to break down before that time.

Lyle Latvala (@guest_143817)
2 years ago

Yes, my expensive RV warranty has saved money on repairs … BUT, if I don’t go back to the dealer who sold me the used RV, the warranty company is a REAL HASSLE to deal with! Fortunately, my selling dealer has a direct line to the warranty company. On the road, though, I am supposed to get “prior authorization” before repairs begin, but the warranty company is so slow responding that the repairman must finish the job and get paid by me, and then I have to hope the warranty firm honors its commitment to reimburse. NEVER AGAIN !!!

Gary Fillion (@guest_143793)
2 years ago

Paid 1500.00 for an 8 yr warranty package. So far it has covered a failed electric tongue jack and a bad inverter for a total cost 600.00. Have 4 more years so I’m expecting more failures and coverage.

Dave Fisher (@guest_143788)
2 years ago

I have a 2016 Tiffin Phaeton 44OH.
I considered an extended warranty but when I was told the cost was around $10,000/yr I decided against it and self-insure instead. My most costly item is the engine so it gets lots of TLC.

Retired Firefighter Tom (@guest_143774)
2 years ago

Bedroom slideout roller on 5th wheel RV caught rubber gasket causing the slideout to twist. Plywood/fiberglass floor cracked and had to be replaced. Warranty paid for roller and gasket but not the slideout floor. “Not a covered item” even though a coverred item caused the damage! Cost me close to a thousand bucks!

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_143771)
2 years ago

My warranty expired decades ago.

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