Sunday, October 24, 2021


Would you rent your RV through a peer-to-peer rental company like Outdoorsy or RVshare?

Peer-to-peer RV rental companies seem to be popping up everywhere. The biggest ones, Outdoorsy and RVshare, offer thousands of RVs of every kind for rent. Before these Airbnb-type businesses came along, Cruise America and El Monte RV were the two major players. But their selections were very limited.

Now we have Outdoorsy, RVshare and few smaller companies that provide a much wider choice of RVs and locations where they can be picked up. They offer everything from small pop-up trailers to large Class A motorhomes. There’s an RV for every need and budget.

But besides renters, the peer-to-peer companies allow RV owners to rent out their RVs for extra income, in some cases covering their monthly payment, or even providing a profit. Some renters buy more than one RV to rent, even a dozen or more, and earn even six-figure incomes.

So, our poll question: Would you (or have you) rented your RV through a peer-to-peer company?


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23 days ago

No, we would never rent out our TT (or our home for that matter) but I would and have rented RVs from both El Monte and through RV Share, as well as an individual with a small fleet of TTs.
All the rentals were very positive experiences and helped DW and I to narrow down our RV purchase choices. Once we had a narrowed it down to a specific make/model TT, we rented one for a week through RV Share. That rental not only confirmed it for us, but convinced us not to get a popular option that cost several times the rental, so overall saved us money!

24 days ago

We own airbnb’s and I have seriously thought about renting the RV out.

Too worried about unqualified renters, damage and waste, to do it.

Thought about buying older, used RV’s just to rent them out but I can’t get the cost benefit analysis to work.

Bob P
24 days ago

No way! I rented a mobile home that we bought new and lived in for 13 months. After 6 months it looked like it was 10 years old, drink stains splashed on the ceiling, scratches on the wood paneling on the walls, stained carpeting, and replacing the kitchen floor where they ran the sink full of water and didn’t mop it up immediately. No! No! No!

PL Packer
24 days ago

No, there is no way I would ever rent out my RV. It feels invasive and kind of creepy to me to have strangers using my personal space.

27 days ago

Just like I would never rent my house out at Airbnb! Other people don’t care for your property as much/well as you do – bottom line! They could quite possibly damage your RV (or house) and, guess who pays to get it repaired – YOU DO!

I’d sell it before I rented it out! If I’m not going to be using it that much either pay to store it or sell it would be my advice!

I just don’t think there is ANY deposit that could cover the amount of damage a couple of unruly kids (or pets) could do! Even a lot of adults aren’t as careful of others’ property as they should be – just sayin’! This is my experience of 73 years here on this earth!

Lyle Latvala
27 days ago

My wife and I volunteer as camp-hosts at national parks. When I see how renters treat their rented RVs, and when I see how some owners treat their new RVs, there’s NO WAY that I would ever think about renting my own RV. Further, there are many RV drivers who should NOT be driving an RV, as they hit tree branches, don’t know about ‘tail swing’, and extend their slides into just about anything without looking. A definite NO!

Tom Schmidt
27 days ago

We have two RVs that we rent out, including the one we use, and it’s been fantastic. We’ve never had to cancel one of our trips because of a rental, and have only had one bad experience in four years of rentals. To all of you who won’t rent your RV, all I can say is, thank you. Less competition for ours.

27 days ago

Are you kidding me? It cost more than my house. I won’t let anyone drive it.

Dave Bulkley
28 days ago

We won’t rent to the family.

Del W
28 days ago

I have seen some of the rentals when they have returned…..NO WAY would I have mine end up like that.

Jeff Craig
28 days ago

I had thought about it, but that would mean taking a lot of our gear out because we wouldn’t want a stranger going through it. I reconsidered it over the last year, but watching newbies at the campground quickly dissuaded me from following through.

28 days ago

Not as long as we’re still using it. I’d consider renting it rather than selling it.

We bought the trailer so we didn’t need to worry about bed-bugs, etc.

28 days ago

What answer do you think you’d get with this question? Just curious about the motivation behind it…

Pete Morris
28 days ago

NO and NO

H AL Gotelli
28 days ago

No & no Again. RV Is a very Personal Item. Customized To my wife’s And my Specifications. Lots Of unique Decorating. A renter would not Take care of it Like we do.

Bob Weinfurt
28 days ago

All my vehicles are old (MH is 44 years old). I’ve had them for several years and the main reason for them lasting is not to let anybody else drive them.

Last edited 28 days ago by Bob Weinfurt
Tom Hodge
28 days ago

Total transparency here – I won’t rent anything. I’ve taken losses on houses instead of guaranteed rent. Bottom line , for me, is that no one will care for my stuff like me and I’m not willing to deal with that frustration.

Sink Jaxon
28 days ago
Reply to  Tom Hodge

I’m with ya, but to friends and family, that’s different.

Last edited 28 days ago by Sink Jaxon
Del W
28 days ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

Sorry but friends and family don’t get a pass either

28 days ago

Learning curb is too steep. Rent my DP – not a chance.

Sink Jaxon
28 days ago
Reply to  UPRIG

Learning CURVE, not curb.

28 days ago

I voted No because I live in my RV and have no S&B home. But even if I didn’t live in it, I would never let someone else live in my beautiful coach.

Thom R
28 days ago

No way I’d let some stranger trash my coach…