Thursday, December 9, 2021


Do you communicate more by phone or text messages in a typical day?

Most of us have cellular phones these days, and we’re using them for a lot more than making and receiving phone calls. For many of us, it’s more convenient to text a message to a friend or business associate than take the time to make a phone call. In a way, it’s more polite as well — not forcing someone to stop what they’re doing right at the moment to respond.

So which are you — a talker or a texter? Do you send or receive more texts in a day than phone calls? Or is it the other way around?

Let’s see how the crowd communicates with their cell phones these days. Remember, it can take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by. It’ll be around shortly.

Oh, remember: Don’t text while you are driving! That’s dangerous!

Did you respond to yesterday’s poll?

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Michael Galvin, PhD
16 days ago

Much more by email.

Richard Hughes
17 days ago

I said text, but I forgot about those all important Extended Auto Warranty calls.

Roy Davis
17 days ago

You can get more “communicated ” in a 5 minute conversation than would happen in 30 minutes of texting back and forth. I prefer a face to face conversation. I had to take communication classes because of the field I was in. I learned communication involves voice fluctuations as well as words. Also body language communicates a lot.

Last edited 17 days ago by Roy Davis
17 days ago

It’s all about technology like it or not.

Paul Cecil
17 days ago

It depends on who I am trying to get in touch with. Some of my family or friends it is better to send texts. For others I will get a faster response by calling and leaving a voice mail. And a few will pickup immediately.

17 days ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

Agreed. I text my kids, but older friends seem to prefer a phone call. Speaking a text instead of typing it generally makes me waste time going back and fixing it.

Steve Perkinson
17 days ago

Having hearing aids that bluetooth with my cell phone has made it easier to communicate this way. But after 34 years of being a manufacturers sales representative I don’t care much to talk on a phone anymore.

Ron Lane
17 days ago

At 78 years old and about 75% deaf (even with hearing aids), talking and listening on a cell phone is pretty much a fore gone effort on my part. Texting is basically my only form of communication along with email service.

Sue Newshutz
17 days ago

All of the above. I use email most heavily and for the widest variety of communications. I use the phone for talking to businesses like making campground reservations or updating our address. I use websites for both of those as well. I use Discord, which is a standing text stream and/or video chatting to keep family in the loop, posting photos or travel plans and seeing their updates as well. I don’t use phone texts as much, but they are key for authentication log in codes. I also use Google meet and Zoom for video chats. Note, Slack is an alternative to Discord. I believe both of these will be the next wave in communications, like Zoom was in 2020. Yeah, I was a techie in my former career.

Thomas D
17 days ago

I hate texts. If i receive one while driving i have to pull over, put on my glasses, decide if it’s important ene ough to respond to. If so then i type in my message on that tiny keyboard. And if i receive a reply i have to reply that i received it. Endless circle. With phone i can communicate diectly and when done, done. And i can answer and communicate with Bluetooth and never stop driving.
If I were in charge there would be no texting especially if the vehicle was moving. The capability to stop the phone while moving is already built in. The GPS.

17 days ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Simple- put your phone in driving mode. Or, ignore the phone until it’s convenient for you. Sounds like the phone owns you instead of you owning the phone.

17 days ago

Texting is about the only way our kids get around to communicating with us. Everyone is in different time zones and always busy.

Tommy Molnar
17 days ago

Not many of either, but if I get on the phone it’s going to be at least ½ hour. I’m talkative and so are my friends. There goes valuable time. If I just want to make a quick wisecrack, texting is much better.

Matt Colie
17 days ago

I was forced to kill the capability of my phone to receive text messages. As I used to run a specialized service company, the number was published and as a result I got 40~50 texts in a week that were advertising that was no interest to me. I could not uninstall the app, but I moved it off the main screens and shut down notification. I look at it when the mood suits me and then delete all the messages.
When E-mail from known senders arrives, I do read it, when I can.

patti panuccio
17 days ago

Phones are necessary but it is a love-hate relationship for a long time I have hated talking on the phone, any phone. Text I can tolerate but my thumbs move slowly.

17 days ago

I hate both phone and texts. I much prefer email. Texts are too limited and I hate to play phone tag. Both interrupt whatever I’m doing. I check my email 3 or 4 times a day at my convenience.

17 days ago
Reply to  Irv

I am with you Irv! In fact my cell phone is now obsolete so I am told – haven’t used it and have about 10,000 hrs in the bank! (Tracfone). My fingers won’t work a cell keyboard. We have a, heaven forbid, land line to talk on! The cells are only for away emergency use and then it’s voice! Now the problem is robo calls!

So email wins again – I can delete it, save it or print it and it is all at my option.

17 days ago

I only text when absolutely necessary, prefer to talk to a live person.

John M
17 days ago

We only use the phone when we have to call a company or my 98 yr old mother-in-law.
Most everyone else will text and then try to tell you something that could be said faster and better in a phone call.

Jesse Crouse
17 days ago

After 53 years of plumbing I want to hear a persons voice when being asked to perform a service.Why? Because I have become really astute at hearing if I want to become involved in a business deal with someone. The tone and content are big indicators of how things will go. A new customer or run as fast as I can from this person.

Susan Banks
17 days ago
Reply to  Jesse Crouse

I would agree with you 100%. I prefer text to have the trail of facts, but for certain parts of my business, you just need to hear to believe it!

Tom Hodge
17 days ago

I’d rather call or take a call but it’s becoming increasingly more convenient to communicate via texting especially group texting. It’s a faster means to communicate the same message to several people at once with nothing lost in translation. It’s not as personal though and I’m still not a fan.

Ed K
17 days ago

Hate Texts, but reply if my siblings start something, much prefer E-Mail and the phone.