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How far did you travel to buy your present RV?

Nowadays, it can be hard to find the RV of your dreams (or, maybe in reality, the RV you’ve settled on). Dealer lots are empty and new RVs are accounted for sometimes years in advance. If you find the RV you want, it’s best to snatch it while you can… even if you do have to drive a ways to get it.

Did you buy your current RV locally or travel farther away to get a good deal, or maybe a specific brand and model you really liked?

After you vote in the poll, please comment below and tell us exactly how far you drove (and why and where!) to buy your current RV. If you can remember, that is…


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6 days ago

Went from Austin Tx to Delmont Pa at Valero Coach Rv. Thanks Robin. But saved 10 grand on it

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
6 days ago

Google Maps said we either drove 555 miles or 745 miles. S FL to St Matthews SC for our LilSnoozy. 17 ft molded fiberglass trailer. Snoozy2 has even more options including twin beds if climbing on each other to get to the bathroom is a problem. I love my Snoozy!

Camp Family
7 days ago

We drove our tow vehicle almost 2,100 miles from So CA to Montgomery, AL to pick up our class A. Saved over $75,000 on purchase price and $21,000 on CA taxes. Then spent a week driving it back to storage in AZ. This was in Nov 2020 before Marlin Ingram retired. Allison and Marlin was awesome to deal with.

8 days ago

41 miles. Monterey to Gilroy. Had to take it back there a little later for warrantee work, so buying close to home is a good thing.

Dennis G.
8 days ago

I drove 240 miles to pick up our RV. That same RV was purchased by my parents when they were 1700 miles from home.

Nora M
8 days ago

From Vancouver Island to Fresno CA. Worth every mile… Had it for 10 years and sold it 2 doors down here on the Island.!

Last edited 8 days ago by Nora M
Rodney Helfrich
8 days ago

San Jose CA to SanDiego CA

Previous one San Jose CA to Milwaukie WI

Sue Levine
9 days ago

We drove from SE Michigan to Texas in five days to pick up the last 2022 Newmar Mountain Aire available in the US. We love our new rig! Well worth the trip!

9 days ago

The dealer was 90 miles from our stix&brix. We got there at the end of 7,000 mile roundtrip trip coast to coast during which we shopped at almost every stop. We were prepared to buy as soon as we found the coach and deal we wanted. So 90 miles? or 7,000 miles? We bought the current coach to full time in and moved into it at the dealer. The S&B was gone 4 months later.

9 days ago

How about 1412 miles, to save $20,000 on a new Winnebago Mini motor home!
The SE US states were higher than Texas!

9 days ago

I wouldn’t go out of my local area, why? Because I want to develop a relationship with a local dealer when I comes to service. If RV dealers are like car dealerships, they don’t like working on something they didn’t sell. Our local Chevy dealer had a HUGE sign in the service area that said “If you bought it here, YOU come first!” That doesn’t change with RVs.

9 days ago

We bought our new travel trailer online from a dealer in California and drove 1237 miles north from Austin TX to what was called a sister dealer in Elkhart to pick it up Feb 2013.

17 days ago

I was very lucky in finding the right rv just 8 miles from home. Also the dealer delivered it to my home the next day. Unheard of service in this day and age.

Diane Mc
20 days ago

We placed order thru dealer. Had it delivered to Nevada. No sales tax.This was is 2002. Calif had a tax rule that said if motorhome out of state for 6 months in first year didn’t have to pay sales tax. Allowed you to bring home to load up and complete 6 months in first year. Brought her home to load up and then took a 6 month trip soon after. We were audited. I had taped receipts to standard sheet paper from campgrounds, stores, truck stops, museums, etc in chronological order. Mailed in. Passed. Saved a big number. Now you have to be out of state for a full year.

20 days ago

We drove around 765 miles (OK to GA) to trade in an RV for the present one we currently live in full time. The RV we traded in had been purchased at the same used RV dealer.

21 days ago

Found the model we wanted with everything including head room inside BUT the only dealer for the brand SUCKED. Bit the bullet, bought it and have been fortunate with no serious issues. By the way, the dealer was bought out by even a bigger troublesome festering sewer dealing dealer, Wilkins Rv in Upstate NY. Found a local family owned dealer that sells the twin line of Forest river that I can get service done if needed.

Solar Steve
21 days ago

We went to the CoachHouse factory in Florida to purchase our current RV. They pay air fare in that case.

Uncle Swags
21 days ago

To get the model I wanted I drove 1,100 miles home following pick-up. Took over a year just to find a dealer with any inventory and this was in 2015. Worth the search as my Serenity has delivered on its name.

22 days ago

I drove 893 miles from New Boston, TX to Gainesville, FL to buy my 2019 BT Cruiser. They had advertised a used RV and decided to buy the new Cruiser instead.

Kenneth Wheeler
22 days ago

1,084 miles. Live in Waco, TX and bought our 2017 5th Wheel last spring from Phoenix. I could only leave work for one day so my wife and I flew out to sign the papers early in the morning and my parents drove out and met us there and hauled it home for us. We had the paperwork done and the RV hitched up to my folks’ truck by 10:30 a.m. and we were back on the plane flying home by noon… When you find a terrific deal on exactly what you’re looking for, you jump on it!

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