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Are you a member of the Good Sam Club?

The Good Sam Club was founded in 1966 based on the principle of the biblical Good Samaritan, wherein the club’s members help other members in need. For most of its existence it has served as a social club for RVers while also providing discounts on products and services. Its annual rallies drew many thousands in their prime, and were a big deal for many RVers.

Today, since being acquired by businessman Marcus Lemonis, the social aspect of the club is almost gone, with only small local club chapters remaining, some shutting down each year because of their aging memberships. The club’s main value today is its membership card, which provides a 10 percent discount at many RV parks and at Camping World.

For RVers who camp in commercial RV parks more than a month or two a year, the $29 annual membership is likely worth the investment. The same goes for those who shop often at Camping World. But for RVers who camp infrequently and/or don’t shop at Camping World, its value is questionable.

So our question today is whether you are a member of the club. If so, or if not, would you please leave a comment?



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5 months ago

The Good Sam membership provides 5 cents a gallon off gas at Pilot and Flying J. We find that discount easily pays for the annual membership cost. We usually camp at State Parks, but on the occasions when we stay at a commercial campground, the 10% discount is nice.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jane

I agree Jane, we use it for the same reasons, fuel and campground discounts. Of course now that I have learned about other ways to save on diesel fuel, we are making fewer stops at Pilot/FJ facilities. I’ve started asking campgrounds for discounts based on AAA, AARP. Escapees and about 50% of the time, I don’t need to use GS/

Bob p
5 months ago

We stayed in several GS RV parks through out the years, the 10% discount basically paid the sales tax. Most parks only gave the discount on stays less than 4 days as they offered 5 days + 6th day was free.. ordering parts from CW was always a hassle as they were either out of stock or sent the wrong item that had to be returned at my expense. I ordered a spare tire cover with an American flag on it, it was out of stock, a month later I happened to be camping in Chattanooga, TN and went into CW store and bought it there on sale or $3 less than I was ordering it for, called the order number to cancel and thought I was going to have to get an act of congress to cancel the order, never ordered anything again.

Terry M
5 months ago

Bought a lifetime Good Sam membership years ago. It’s only value to me is the 10% discount at campgrounds. We also have Escapees, KOA, US Senior pass, and Passport America. Places that take Good Sam and the Senior Pass seem to be the ones we hit most often.

Allan Weber
5 months ago

We are lifetime members. Joined in the 80’s. Use it for discounts at campgrounds and when we go to camping world.

Dave E
5 months ago

My experience and opinion is that M. Lemonis has the “Reverse Midas Touch”. Everything he touches turns to Crap. He has destroyed both Travel Trailer and Motorhome Magazines. Many products at Camping World are cheap Chinese junk that need to be constantly replaced (good for Lemmonas). Good products, that we liked and were made to last, were removed from inventory. We had their RV Repair policy, never turned in a claim and at the first renewal the deductible doubled and the premium doubled; we dropped it. I feel like it is a scam. There are many complaints about service, repairs, financing, etc. from people who bought RVs from CW. CW is usually more expensive for RV supplies. We keep our Good Sam membership because it is required to get discount insurance from NGIC. They have the best policy terms we have found from any insurance carrier. We have had claims with them and they were handled quickly and properly. FedEx totalled our trailer in our own driveway and refused to replace it.

5 months ago

Just for the fuel and camping world discounts.

Lisa Williams
5 months ago

I recently bought a used Casita trailer from Camping World and I got a Good Sam Elite one year membership for free. I’m not sure if I will renew it, but I have gotten good discounts with it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

5 months ago

Life member since the 80’s. Got a deal for our daughter’s lifetime membership in the mid 90’s. Loved the concept, hated how it has been dismantled. We do use the discount when we are near a CW and need something (right away). Now it’s like I have a “loyalty card” (without the loyalty). Things change…

Neal Davis
5 months ago

We are members SOLELY because of the camping discount it provides. However, to make a small dent in Marcus Lemonis (sp?) revenue stream, I will no longer renew for multiple years. I will renew annually for one year. Thereby I can easily escape if the camping discount is reduced or eliminated. We have dropped all other services Good Sam offers and replaced them with different providers.

L Beal
5 months ago

Yes, I am a GS yearly member. I get into GS discount parks all the time, and I’ve gotten great discounts at Camping World. The last one, about a month ago when I needed a tube of lap sealant it cost $18 at CW but with my membership and because it was on sale online it cost $8. Couldn’t find that price anywhere else.
I am a full timer too so I do look for the parks that offer the discount, or any discount from my other memberships.

5 months ago

Have been a lifetime member since 1996, back when membership actually meant something. I wouldn’t do it now, nor would I become a yearly member these days. I see no benefit. Discounts at Camping World mean nothing these days. Our “local” Camping World is generally not very clean, it’s dark, and what supplies they have, I can usually find cheaper online. Clubs are disappearing or gone. I can get discounts at campgrounds with AAA or AARP. The fuel discounts are minimal. In my opinion, I just don’t see any advantages to membership these days.

Glenda Alexander
5 months ago

I’m a lifetime member but only because I joined “way back” when membership actually meant something. Now I wouldn’t join Lemonis’ customer list (as patti panuccio called it).

5 months ago


patti panuccio
5 months ago

I was for many many years until it became Lemonis’ customer list.

mike henrich
5 months ago

We also have the Roadside assistance but will not be renewing that bs. Left us sit for 5 hours in the middle of I70. I had to call the service station myself to get help. GS sent me the station phone number and an ETA. After 90 minutes I called the station and they never got the info from GS.

Joe G in FL.
5 months ago

Used to be. Not worth it now.

Deborah Mason
5 months ago

We saw it start to decline, then Marcus Lemonis bought Camping World & it really started going downhill for us. Add to that we’d have to drive 100 miles minimum to get to one … and the sponsored RV insurance price was jacked up & we would have been forced into another price bracket, etc, etc. The real “kiss of death” was being referred to as a “marketing unit”.

Last edited 5 months ago by Deborah Mason
RV Staff
5 months ago
Reply to  Deborah Mason

Dear Ms. Marketing Unit. (Just kidding!) Hi, Deborah. You will never be a “marketing unit” or even just a number to us. You are one of our very valued readers. We appreciate you and our other wonderful readers sooooo much! And we appreciate your always thoughtful comments, Deborah. Thank you for adding to the conversation, whatever the topic may be. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

5 months ago

Life member although it’s no longer the club I joined. As a chapter officer I attended many meetings and had a ring side seat to the dismantling of the club. Those of us that were on the inside at the time were saddened but powerless to stop the Lemonis wrecking crew. Now in his words the club is only a “marketing tool”.

Dale Gilbert
5 months ago

life member from 2005

Dan A
5 months ago

Lifetime membership. Pulled the trigger on that before Lemonis. Good for discounts here and there sometimes. Doesn’t cost me any money, I’ve even got their credit card, rarely used. Probably be closing that account in the near future.

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