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If you have lost a parent(s), do you dream about them?

By Chuck Woodbury
My parents died 15 years ago. I don’t know where the time has gone. It doesn’t seem nearly that long ago.

I had always hoped I would dream about them; perhaps they would show up one night for a visit that was like we were together again. But it never happened. At best, for most of those years, they made cameo appearances. They were there, but definitely bit players in the drama.

Recently, and much to my surprise, they have appeared more often, and in more significant ways. We talked. I don’t know about what, but they were right there. The other night, we were together in their last home, which was my home, too, for a dozen years. In my dream, other people owned it, but my parents had somehow been allowed to stay while the new owners were away. It was wonderful being with them.

I’m always feel lucky to be with them again in this way. But I am still waiting for a dream where we are together in a more significant way. I can’t explain that, but maybe you understand. I have a feeling, alas, that I am wishing for too much.

If your parents have died, do you dream about them? Please take our poll and leave a comment.


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25 days ago

I dream about my mom (my best friend) almost every night yet and she has been gone for 16 years. I have had several dream “visits” from her as well, where I know she was actually with me and communicating with me. Those feel very different from a regular dream. I have gotten other clear signs from her as well. My dad has been gone for 6 years and I rarely dream about him. We had a strained relationship so maybe that is why.

Dennis G.
1 month ago

Lost my step-dad 6 years ago. Still seems like yesterday. Never dream about him, but his patience and understanding is what I remember. He was my proponent for seeing my bio-dad, and getting back together with my wife.
He is missed, but his legacy of understanding lives in me as I raise my step-son. Can’t ask for a better role model.

1 month ago

No but there again I was not close to my parents. I’ve had dreams of our son we lost on 99 5 days before Christmas and 8 days before his 20th birthday home from his first trimester from Horbart for Christmas. It’s the time of year those dreams come each year. And through the year it’s a day dream of what he’d be doing. Very close to my children and grandchildren.

Last edited 1 month ago by Skip
Lindalee Sorrells
1 month ago

I answered “Yes, often” because after my father passed away in 1977 I dreamed of him almost every night! As time has passed, so have the dreams, although they do still happen occasionally! I was 28 in 1977 so was still kind of my daddy’s little girl! I’ve never dreamed of my mother who passed away in 2006 though.

Dan H.
1 month ago

Mom & Dad will be 100 years old in a few months. I had dad in my life for 58 years and mom for 64 years. They were lifetime campers and snowbirds. Dad built a camping unit in a brand new Corvair van in the early sixties. As a old man, my parents still show up once in awhile in my dreams and I hope to see them at beautiful campsite someday.

Sheri Ken
1 month ago

We both dream and share reminiscing many private & family times which keep our memories alive always. We have captured memories with films and photographs. We are fortunate to have this wonderful loving experiences.
Keep family alive sharing with family your memories of all times.

1 month ago

I never lost anyone as I know where they are, but my younger brother left in 1996, Mom in 1984, and Dad in 1990. I feel fortunate in that they and my girlfriend, now wife, and them were all close, so we both have the same memories. I seldom remember dreaming, but I do talk with them individually sometime thru the week. I thank them for who I am and ask my brother if he can see my daughter who is so much like him.

1 month ago

Lost my dad in 2001, mom in 2008. I dream about my dad more often, we were very close just before he passed. I think about both of them often and wish I could talk to them one more time.

1 month ago

For some reason I frequently dream of my late dad, but not mom. I also dream of my deceased older brother.

1 month ago

i lost my dad back in ‘69 (heart attack) when i was ‘18 and my mom in 2013 (cancer). i miss them both terribly snd dream about them every now and then.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Daddy died two weeks short of his 92nd birthday two years ago. He lived to farm, to raise beef cattle and care for them. Concurrently, I lived to run, avoiding farming whenever I could. DW and I now live on the farm, in a location he dreamed of building a house but never did. DW and I now spend hours each day caring for his dearly loved farm (absent any livestock). I now do many of the same things he did, sometimes with my wife’s assistance but often alone. I sometimes have dreams where I show him what we’ve done, are doing, in the hope of getting his approval. No dream has lasted long enough for me to sense approval, only recognition of our work.

1 month ago

Interesting poll, and yes for me. Also friends who have passed…

1 month ago

My mother appears more often, but I had her in my life for 63 years. I was only 25 when my dad died at age 57. Weirdly at times during these dreams my rational mind intrudes to remind me that a given person can’t really be here because I know they have died.

Last edited 1 month ago by Diane McGovern
Bob M
1 month ago

I don’t dream about my parents, but think about my mother often.

T. Helms
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob M

Me Too.

Steve H
1 month ago

I seldom remember any dreams. Lost my dad in 2003 and mom in 2011, but remember no dreams about them. However, I have had several memorable dreams about our youngest son, who died in bed in 1993 from a cardiac arrhythmia at age 16.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Steve H

That’s so sad, Steve. Very sorry for your loss. Take care. 🙂 -Diane at RVtravel.com

Janet B
1 month ago

I love my dreams that I have with my parents! Most of the time it is each one individually and not both together. They are usually some of my best dreams and I always wake up happy each time I do have dreams with them in it.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 month ago

I can’t say I dream about my parents, but when awake, I do think of them often.

1 month ago

Yep…me too.

Ed K
1 month ago

Dad in 93, FIL in 03 and Mother in 06, I miss them all and occasionally have them in my dreams. I and my wife will be a wreck when her mother passes on, we will then be next in line to meet our lord.

Gayle V.
1 month ago

I lost my dad 2004. For several years after mourning him terribly, one night I dreamed that we were together, and in parting ways, we hugged and said goodbye. I haven’t mourned or dreamed about him since. Although think about him often.
I lost my mom in 2011. I was with her when she passed. I never mourned. I believe because I was able to say goodbye. I did however have a dream about her just recently, I was in a department store, there she was. We were surprised to see each other. We hugged and spoke. It was great to see her.

Tim Nowak
1 month ago

My dad was in RV service and warranty. Many times I think he helps me come up with solutions to fix things.

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