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How far away do you store your RV when not using it?

Are you one of those lucky people who can store your RV on your property when you’re not traveling with it? Or do you store it elsewhere?

If you live in an apartment or condo, there may be no place to keep it on the property. Or perhaps your home HOA (homeowners association) prohibits keeping RVs on your property.

Increasingly, cities are prohibiting the storage of recreational vehicles in front yards or even in a side yard where the RV is visible from the street.

So what about you? How far from where you live do you keep your RV when you’re not using it?

Remember, if you are on a slow internet connection it can take a moment for the poll to load. So stand by.


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Neal Davis (@guest_239258)
5 months ago

I chose the first response, but it isn’t really our property. It is my mother’s property, and also less than 1/4 of a mile from our sticks-and-bricks. We have full hookups there as well.

Notch (@guest_239166)
5 months ago

I’m lucky! Storing an RV near DC is about $250/month. My HOA has an RV lot a block from my house, it’s lighted, it’s gated, and I drive past it anytime I go someplace.

Swede'nTexas (@guest_239165)
5 months ago

My storage site is 2 miles from home, it has rattle snakes, fox, coyotes and road runners, and NO mice!! My home is in a HOA with RV storage, with mice, chipmunks and squirrels that like RV living.

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_239145)
5 months ago

Two travel trailers, both about 100 feet from the house (but on opposite sides).

KellyR (@guest_239129)
5 months ago

I probably would not have one if I could not park it in my driveway.

Spike (@guest_239059)
5 months ago

We have never stored an RV anywhere but next to our home. I’m a little OCD when it comes to our motorhome, so we have an onsite shed for it, along with the boat, tractor, and ATV. It has electrical service and is checked daily.

Horseahorse (@guest_239055)
5 months ago

HOA only allows loading/unloading for 24 hours so added a 50A socket to the house for AC (mandatory in AZ) while occasionally loading at home but she is stored in an AC/heated plugged in to 50A barn on the freeway. Although a 30 min drive we have go that way to get out of town anyway. We just load our Jeep toad with fresh food & booze and all else is onboard ready to go. Barn keeps like brand new despite the brutal AZ sun AND has a bonus of our dealer’s repair facility across the driveway. We notify them the widget needs tightening again and it gets done without needing to go there. Not inexpensive but our 43’ Newmar Ventana Class A is worth it.

Marty (@guest_239019)
5 months ago

I live in an HOA subdivision, so I built a 48′ RV garage with 100 amp electrical service to match my home. It is a genuine luxury to have such a nice enclosed space to safely store and maintain my 5th wheel. While this is certainly not an inexpensive option, it did add considerable value to my property.

captain gort (@guest_239013)
5 months ago

I used to have a full hook-up pad on my property…and it was even covered! Then I moved to a nice 55+ neighborhood with a strict HOA- no RVs! So now, my rig is a storage yard about a mile away. About $130/mo…uncovered, on gravel with no utilities. There is an upscale storage facility a few miles away,,,but at $400/mo, foggetabout!!!

Don H (@guest_239007)
5 months ago

When we bought our 5th wheel, we kept it at a covered storage facility a few miles away. Then we “graduated” to a DP, and used that same facility for a bit. Then a newer, better storage opened just a couple miles further away, and we went there. But we use our rig a lot, and it was super frustrating to be driving to it all the time. And the $325/mo storage cost wasn’t negligible either. Eventually we sold our house and bought a place with enough land that I could build a Bus Barn for it. So now it lives right next to our house, and we’re very happy with that solution.

Bob S (@guest_238994)
5 months ago

We live in the midwest, but we store our RV in Phoenix. Sounds a bit crazy? We pretty much travel in the West for the summer & winter. Once we realized that we were adding about 3k miles to our motorhome for every round trip just to get from home to a destination out West & back we decided to store it in Phoenix. We winter in Phoenix, so the RV is stored 1 mile from our RV park. It has been pretty easy when cheap airfares were available, but that is getting more challenging as time goes on. This has helped us keep our first RV in good condition for the last 11 years.

Bob (@guest_238988)
5 months ago

We originally stored our TT about 3 miles from home in a privately owned storage facility. Then they decided to sell out to a large chain (Guardian). We were informed that we had to move within two weeks because they were going to add more storage buildings. There was another facility about a mile further away, but it looked more like a junkyard. We ended up in one about 12 miles away. Totally paved, gated and monitored. It is a little inconvenient, but the owner is a great person and actually drives through the area every day.

Jewel (@guest_238981)
5 months ago

We moved out of an HOA community to get closer to our children’s school and specifically looked for a non-HOA property with enough room to store our RV. We just had a new, larger drive put in and are running 50 amp service to the RV pad. Worth every penny.

Tom E (@guest_238975)
5 months ago

About 10 miles in an HOA community before we moved out of a high tax state to a lower tax state to retire. We bought a S&B in the country with enough property to install an RV Port. I can work on the RV (under cover) at my leisure, load up and unload the RV at our leisure, AND no more HOA limiting the number of days in our driveway. We’re part of the majority who store their RV on their property when not in use.

Ed K (@guest_238970)
5 months ago

10 feet in the summer and 125 feet in the winter. Summer is on pad with 50 amp service in front of the garage and the winter is in the pole barn with 30 amp service.

Bonnie (@guest_238967)
5 months ago

We live in FL. We are lucky that we can (at least for now) afford to store ours in an inside air conditioned facility about 3 miles from home. They leave it plugged in which keeps the batteries up too. It’s not cheap but for now the advantages outweigh the cost

Jim Johnson (@guest_238966)
5 months ago

The options were not even close for us. We store our larger RV 1700 miles south of us. We use our little SUV towed trailer for the trip, put it into storage and open up the big one for the season.

Rich (@guest_238964)
5 months ago

no idea of the was a 20-min ride through suburban traffic

Tom (@guest_238950)
5 months ago

Next to the garage. HOA allows it on back of property. Large fishing and boating community. Allowing boats allows RVs.

JOHN R. WILKINS (@guest_238948)
5 months ago

We built a large Pole Barn at our NJ home, insulated it, and added HVAC and a 30amp hookup. Our Class A is in the barn whenever we are not using it, with full climate control, so we never have to winterize.

When at our FL home, we have a storage site just a few miles away. It’s an outdoor site, but covered, with a 30amp hookup.

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