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How many years have you considered yourself an “RVer”?

Okay, RVers, listen up! Wait… you are an RVer, aren’t you? That’s what you call yourself because you own an RV and spend time in it, or even live in it, right? Right.

So how long have you considered or called yourself an “RVer”? Is it your first year calling yourself that? Your sixth year? Thirteenth? Have you been calling yourself an RVer for 20 years? For 40 years?!

Do you still call yourself an RVer even if you only RV a few weekends of the year? We don’t know, you tell us! We’re asking! Please leave a comment after you vote. Thanks!


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Bill (@guest_257992)
1 month ago

As far back as I can remember I used to help my father on construction jobs in the out in hills. We stayed in his trailer house while working. So it might be said I am an RVer all my life..

Patty (@guest_257925)
1 month ago

1999, first Monaco Diplomat, 2006 Monaco Dynasty, 2018 Newmar LondonAire.

Rammer (@guest_257877)
1 month ago

Bought our first pop up in 1973, that would make 50 years. But that might not be necessarily factual as we purchased a campground, we owned and operated it for 10 years and then went right back to RVing when we sold it. Still going strong at 78 and 79 years old.

Ron L (@guest_257716)
1 month ago

In 1970 I bought my first rv, a simple single axle Golden Falcon 17′ travel trailer. No toilet and not much of anythng else, but it was great to camp in. Sold that after kids were no longer interested in “camping” and bought a even more simple tent trailer just for the two of us and used that for camping or fishing trips for me and my friend. So for about 30 years, I was a “camper”….not an RV’er. Fast forward to 2001, I bought a used (repossessed) 25′ modern travel trailer that was less than a year old. Pulled that trailer all over the western US and Canada. So I guess that’s when I became an RV’er. Since then two different dp coaches.

KellyR (@guest_257610)
1 month ago

I don’t think I/we ever considered ourselves to be RVers until I stared reading RVTravel, even though I started camping with my folks some 65 years ago in our camping trailer.

Robert S (@guest_257588)
1 month ago

55 years, 12 RV’s plus 2 park models. Been a Good Sam member since the time it meant something and was worth something. Now if I can just sell the last one, I think it is time to hang it up and enjoy the memories, good and bad. Never took one back to a dealer for anything, ever!

David Hagen (@guest_257582)
1 month ago

Picture at top of article looks like Basque sheepherders wagons. PS Started RV’ing in 1976 with a tent trailer. Then 4 different class ‘Cs’.

Gigi (@guest_257581)
1 month ago

I have been an RV state of mind all my life, sometimes with an RV. Sometimes with that state of mind and no RV.

Michael Galvin (@guest_257574)
1 month ago

We retired and lived full-time 2016 – 2022, but I had a 1965 VW Kombi to which we added plywood bed, Coleman icebox and stove, so I guess I have been an RVer off and on for 58 years.

Barnjai (@guest_257565)
1 month ago

Close to 40 years if you include all those years we tent camped!

Tom M (@guest_258335)
1 month ago
Reply to  Barnjai

Tent camping doesn’t count. Otherwise my 15 years would become 58.

Bill Byerly (@guest_257550)
1 month ago

We’ve been campers for well over 45 years together, and both camped with our folks before that as kids. Never even considered the term “RV’er” until the last few years even though we’ve had rv’s for decades now..

Neal Davis (@guest_257546)
1 month ago

Six or seven years. We bought our first in July 2016, took our first trip in October 2016, moved into it full-time in May 2017 (while house was built), and began frequently traveling in it in June 2017.

Cancelproof (@guest_257534)
1 month ago

Answered over 20 years and included our years on the water because the amenities of the RV option are almost identical to those of a liveaboard vessel.

CeeCee (@guest_257531)
1 month ago

We purchased our first RV 25 years ago, but, since it wasn’t fully self-contained, we really didn’t feel like RVers until we got a unit that enabled us to take long trips, and not just in nice weather.

Joan Richardson (@guest_257527)
1 month ago

Had a orange VW pop-up bus in ’72. Then graduated to a very small Traveleze trailer I towed with my 1973 Datsun 280Z 2+2. I got, lots of looks, laughs, and pointing!

Paul Sansaver (@guest_257520)
1 month ago

Watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon from a campground in Redding CA. Was living in a pop up tent trailer while looking for housing.

Joel L. (@guest_257512)
1 month ago

Bought our first RV, a Serro Scotty Highlander TT in 1966.

Joe (@guest_257497)
1 month ago

I chose 6-10 years however if I can include various sailboats large enough to live in as an RV then it would be close to 40

Jim H. (@guest_257491)
1 month ago

48 years, I bought my first pickup camper in 1975 and still going strong.

Bill (@guest_257487)
1 month ago

Been camping/RVing since I was a Boy Scout at least for 65 years.

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