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Man rows pumpkin ‘boat’ 39 miles down Missouri River

Missourian Steve Kueny recently embarked on a record-breaking pumpkin adventure. Kueny set a new Guinness World Record for the longest journey ever made inside a pumpkin boat. Yes, you read that correctly. Kueny floated down the Missouri River inside his 1,208-pound pumpkin named Huckle Berry for nearly 11 hours.

39 miles in a pumpkin boat!

Kueny’s adventuresome 39-mile trip began in Kansas City at 7:30 a.m., as he climbed into his pumpkin and knelt inside his boat. He arrived in Napoleon, Missouri, via the Missouri River at 6:18 p.m. that same day. Kueny was reportedly cold and tired, but happy with his record-breaking trip.


Where can one find a pumpkin so large? Kueny grew the gigantic pumpkin (Dill’s Atlantic Giant seed brand) in his own garden. After picking it, Kueny had the giant fruit weighed and then began transforming the beast into a boat. First, he set the pumpkin in water for a float test. This helped Kueny determine which end would be up. He cut a hole in the top and began cleaning out the insides. It took almost an hour to scoop out all the seeds!


To prepare for his trip, Kueny placed two sandbags at the bottom of his unusual boat. The sand added stability and also provided a place for Kueny’s knees to rest.

Kueny did not make a test run with Huckle Berry. The seriousness of the situation finally hit the record-breaker on the morning of the launch. Kueny admitted that his float trip could last a day or end within minutes!


The Paddle KC Paddling Club accompanied Kueny to offer support and ensure his safety. The club members kept watch on the speed and temperature of the water. They also alerted Kueny about approaching ships and noted ramp access points.

So, what’s the connection?

What does a record-breaking pumpkin boat have to do with RVing? Quite a lot, I think. For starters, the majority of RVers I’ve met are fun-loving and adventurous—much like Steve Kueny, the pumpkin boat king.

Most RVers have worked diligently to find and purchase the RV that’s a good fit for them. Many have taken the necessary time and energy to prepare the interior of our rigs to our liking, and while we may chart our intended route, we can never be exactly sure how our trip will go.

Best of all, RVers often enjoy the support we get from our fellow RVers. They remind us of maintenance chores, warn us about rough roads and route closures, and befriend us at day’s end. RVers may not be intent on breaking records with a pumpkin boat, but we certainly enjoy our adventures.

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Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.



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Bruce (@guest_257611)
1 month ago

If the pumpkin boat leaked, did he repair it with a pumpkin patch?

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Bruce

🤣👍 Good one, Bruce! Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Bill Byerly (@guest_257595)
1 month ago

Pretty cool story Gail, thanks for sharing it.
Now let’s get some pie!!

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Bill Byerly

Hi, Bill. That made me think of the recent world record pumpkin in Minnesota weighing in at 2,749 pounds! Just think of all the pies!😲 Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Bill Byerly (@guest_257598)
1 month ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

Now that giant might cause another record for whipped cream for all the pies it would make !😁

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Bill Byerly

Ha! I was literally, just this second (before I saw your comment), rereading my reply about pies and thinking I should have mentioned all the Cool Whip (I’m lazy) that would be required for all those pies! Great minds… 😅 Pumpkin pie and Cool Whip dreams tonight. 😀 –Diane

Neal Davis (@guest_257551)
1 month ago

Thank you, Gail. I will not quibble with your arguments tying this adventure to RVing. In fact, your arguments are persuasive, more or less. 🙂

DW/ND (@guest_257548)
1 month ago

Thanks Gail! Very interesting story and sort of awakens one’s imagination to some rare possibilities. Not for me however!!! I would have never thot a pumpkin could float – but then I still question how a steel ocean-liner, battleship or aircraft carrier can float HA!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_257513)
1 month ago

Is there ANYTHING that hasn’t been done in the name of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records?

Cancelproof (@guest_257455)
1 month ago

I enjoyed this story simply for the story Gail. RV related or not, thanks for the story about a pumpkin in pumpkin season. I’m sure someone will rant the standard “what does this have to do with RVing line?” Who cares, it’s pumpkin season.

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