Monday, December 4, 2023


How many miles have you driven or towed your RV in the last 30 days?

If we asked this question at any time of year, we’d get varied answers. But now is an especially interesting time to ask it.

When coronavirus hit and sent many states into stay-at-home orders, were you forced to drive your RV back to your stick-and-bricks home? Did you stay out and continue traveling? Did you leave your sticks-and-bricks home for an RV trip?

In the last month alone, how many miles have you driven your RV? Have you taken it on a drive just to “get out of the house?”

Please vote in the poll below and tell us. Feel free to leave a comment too, of course.

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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June Lucas (@guest_79041)
3 years ago

During this COVID-19 it seemed like a great time to take it to a shop for some repairs to the little things that we often put off. Saying that … what we thought was a small repair to our fridge, became a need to purchase a new fridge. Glad we had purchased a warranty, so no extra $$ from our pockets. Our rig is new to us; but it’s a 2009 Georgetown, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing some other things go defunk in the future.

Ernie Powell (@guest_79476)
3 years ago
Reply to  June Lucas

New cooling unit would have been cheaper from J.C. Refrigeration or David ford out of Ark. That is where I got mine from and I change it out while I was on the road from MD, to S,C, Had it delivered to the RV park where I pull in for a couple of days. Did the work there on site.

DpsDebi (@guest_78774)
3 years ago

Only took motorhome to top off diesel tank while fuel is cheap. We live in our motorhome… House being built. Had to cancel our 19 day trip to Lake City, Colorado and hope to be able to go in late summer. The motorhome is sad!

Scott Johnson (@guest_78630)
3 years ago

I bought a new truck in March retired the end of April waiting for my wife’s school year to finish we had plans to use the fifth wheel and go to Italy who knows

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_78629)
3 years ago

Maybe 4 miles. Teaching my wife all of the steps necessary to hookup. She then towed our TT around our neighborhood and back home. Too frustrating, though, for her to back it back into place. We’ll keep trying.

Rammer (@guest_78550)
3 years ago

Drove from winter storage barn to summer storage lot. Minnesota state parks and all private campgrounds except permanent/seasonal camp sites are closed, no where to go until our governor says they can open!

Einar Hansen (@guest_78468)
3 years ago

It’s sitting on a seasonal site, so we drive down to it. But it does get towed about 400 miles total when we use it for our real vacation during the summer.

Rory R (@guest_78467)
3 years ago

I answered less than 100 miles to the poll question because I have driven my MH 15 miles once a month just to exercise the drive train and my generator under load. I can do it while parked, I just prefer to drive the 15 miles or so….

Dave (@guest_78464)
3 years ago

Couldn’t stand being cooped up anymore so drove down to Paso Robles area for a Boar hunt. Got my bore and drove back the next day.

Vanessa (@guest_78462)
3 years ago

Well it actually did move, from the front of the house to the RV pad in the back after they finished the landscaping.

Tom (@guest_78457)
3 years ago

Drove about 220 miles to central coast of CA to do some yard work at in-laws place. Being self contained and social distance.

Todd Hartman (@guest_78448)
3 years ago

I answered 0, but actually it moved 2 miles from my driveway to the storage lot.

Rita Rosson (@guest_78458)
3 years ago
Reply to  Todd Hartman

Same, but storage to RV repair shop.

Diane Giddis (@guest_78447)
3 years ago

Drove it home from AZ in March and don’t know exactly when we are going to use it again.☹️

Jim z (@guest_78446)
3 years ago

Today I drove it 160 miles to the nearest dealer that could do my warranty work for us. Hope to be able to use it sometime this summer.

Mike Arndt (@guest_78437)
3 years ago

On the road next week, got trapped at home in

Gene Bjerke (@guest_78431)
3 years ago

Up until today I haven’t moved the rig since getting home from the last trip in mid-March. Today I drove it to the shop for scheduled maintenance (I didn’t count that). Waiting to see what happens before planning our usual summer trip. Getting antsy, though.

MrDisaster (@guest_78430)
3 years ago

We left camp in Mt Vernon the end of April. Three days to get to West Yellowstone (we took a leisurely drive). Now at our summer jobs, working but waiting for the Montana 14 day quarantine to be lifted by the Governor and the west gate to open. Going to be an interesting summer at Yellowstone NP.

Julian Palmer (@guest_78426)
3 years ago

Headed to FL early March for a month of sun, spring training baseball and visiting friends. Turned around 5 days in and returned to MI. Two additional trips cancelled due to closed parks. Been doing small repairs and patiently waiting for the okay to head back out.

Deborah Mason (@guest_78425)
3 years ago

Living in Montana, we put it to bed for the winter until May every year. By this time the last couple of years we’d taken our “shakedown cruise” less than 20 miles down the road to a USFS campground where we’d test all systems for the season, but were close to home in case of problems. With our yo-yo weather (it’s only been a week or less since the last overnight freeze) and the COVID 19 closures, we haven’t even dewinterized it yet. Looking forward to a few short trips locally before our fall Bucket List Trip to Grand Canyon.

Rich S (@guest_78421)
3 years ago

Towed trailer back to Alaska from SE Washington. 2700+ miles, 5 days. New rules thru Canada for returning snow birds. will finish 14 day AK quarantine on May 20th. Getting lot’s of yard work done…

Donald Reeves (@guest_78417)
3 years ago

Drove about 15 miles. Gased up with fresh gas. Drove to my son’s house to put in new water pump and dewinterize. Now where I park it they tore the road out and seem to be widening the road a sheriff’s deputy said I can’t drive it on the tire up road or I could get a ticket.

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