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Do you enjoy driving?

Some people could drive for hours and hours and enjoy every minute of it. Others can’t stand even driving a mere 30 minutes. Some may say they don’t mind driving, but would rather be the passenger, while other people dislike being the passenger. What side of the car (er, RV) are you on?

If you had to pick, would you rather be the driver or the passenger? Does your answer depend on the time or distance traveled, or would it be the same either way?

Please vote in the poll below and leave a comment if you wish. We always like hearing your opinions. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Janet Herrell (@guest_83344)
3 years ago

I am a woman and do all the driving. I drove a school bus for 8 years and find it not much different. Husband can drive but is not comfortable doing so and is quite happy for me to do it…

Dick (@guest_83268)
3 years ago

Yes, have over 3.5 million miles in the seat of a semi and still enjoy every travel day!

paul sanchez (@guest_82644)
3 years ago

If my body would let me
I’d drive all day 35 foot class a but I’m paying for my youth so have to stop. And walk the yorkie every 3 hours still enjoy

Tom (@guest_82640)
3 years ago

Enjoy driving when not in commute ( not rush hour) traffic. We try to not head out before 9 and finish by 3.

Wolfe (@guest_82635)
3 years ago

There should probably be an option between the first two — Maybe not “drive all day” for 14 hours, but I do enjoy driving 6-8 hours just fine. Perhaps surprisingly to some, I really don’t care whether I’m towing or not, since I pay close attention regardless. People who say they don’t like to tow far because “they have to pay more attention” scare me.

BruceinAz (@guest_82626)
3 years ago

It’s a mixed bag. I enjoy driving our 40′ coach in low traffic scenarios for hours and hours on end down the beautiful back roads of America but I no longer enjoy driving a car anywhere, any time. I have no patience for the multitudes of ignorant idiots that think they can drive safely while using a phone. No text or phone conversation is important enough to distract a driver from paying 100% attention to their responsibility to drive as safely as possible. Distracted drivers kill and maim way too many fellow human beings every year. I wish all motor vehicles were required to have cell phone jamming devices installed to prevent their use while a vehicle is in motion.

Ron T (@guest_82615)
3 years ago

I vividly remember my first solo drive after getting my license. I’ve loved driving ever since. Circumstances once caused me to make a Colorado trip alone and I thought that was the life – really go where you want, when you want. So I did so all over the country. Now with a wife and motorhome, I’m still normally the driver. Age causes us to make more rest stops now, and the recent doctor-ordered removal of caffine from my diet means no more sipping on that Diet Coke to stay alert. We’ll see how that goes for me when we start traveling again. Soon I hope!

Impavid (@guest_82614)
3 years ago

I love to drive. I do try to do the “3 & 3” – stop after 300 miles or by 3 PM. I’m usually a little over those limitations. When I’m not pulling my own 5’er I tow privately and for RV dealerships. I get to see lots of country I’d miss otherwise. I’m like Tommy, can’t believe people pay me to do what I love. Been driving for 56 years now.

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Impavid

Ha! I’ve been driving for 57 years, Impavid, but not nearly as many miles as you have, I’m sure. Although, when I commuted to Seattle 5 or 6 days a week for almost 50 years, I was driving about 1,000 miles a month. The trip took noticeably longer (more traffic) every year. I’m so glad I get to “work” (having too much fun to call it “work”) from home now! But I do love to drive! 😀 —Diane at

Ron L (@guest_82609)
3 years ago

Depends on “where” I am driving. Freeways of LA…oh hell no. Going up 395 and the eastern Sierras…absolutely. All cities are so congested, highways in dire need of maintenance or are under constant construction, big rig trucks destroying the right lane pavement, and of course all the Parnelli Jones wannabes speeding along at 20 – 30 mph over the speed limit. Nope, I would just rather stay at home now days.

Thomas (@guest_82607)
3 years ago

A necessary evil. If you want to get someplace with an rv, you have to drive. With everyone in such a hurry it’s no fun anymore. Last fall we spent 2hours heading West at 0 to 10 miles an hour because of a beer truck that had an accident in the East bound lane. It has nothing to do with our west bound but gawkers had to see what was going on. Nothing. Coming back from AZ was almost pleasant as because of Covid19 there was hardly any car traffic and even trucks had slowed down.

Bob Godfrey (@guest_82602)
3 years ago

Funny how I used to love to drive for hours but I guess I’m getting old since I no longer have patience for the vast majority of stupid people tricks that I witness each time we venture out anymore.

Dawn (@guest_82601)
3 years ago

I like to drive because it keeps me from snacking!

Cathy from Pomfret, CT (@guest_82599)
3 years ago

I love to take a road and see where I end up. Back roads let you see more than speeding down a highway.

Will B. (@guest_82592)
3 years ago

If I didn’t have a tendency to get sleepy, I’d move my vote from “a few hours” to “all day”. Oddly enough, it’s the warmth and the sunlight. I could drive at night from sunset to sunup, for sure!

Chuck L. (@guest_82582)
3 years ago

When we travel as a family (wife) it is so quiet. I am a school bus driver need I say more?

Deborah Mason (@guest_82578)
3 years ago

I do most of the driving in our cars. My husband drives our motorhome. We take car day trips to explore out area & search out photo ops with me at the wheel. In the RV, my job is to keep the dogs from under foot & take pictures, with a bit of supplemental navigation.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_82574)
3 years ago

Remember when you got your first driver’s license at 16? I STILL love to climb behind the wheel and take off just like I did back then (waaaaaay back then – ahem). What luck that Truck Driving was a career that appeared before me and I jumped on it. I couldn’t believe that someone would pay me (quite well too, I might add) to do something I would be willing to do for free as a hobby! And that’s how I spent the majority of my adult life, trucking down the road and loving every minute of it (well, almost). Now I’m retired and pulling our travel trailer just lets me continue to do what I absolutely LOVE to do – drive.

Captn John (@guest_82573)
3 years ago

I enjoy driving and towing a 41’ 5er makes no difference. Like it best when my wife sleeps or reads a book. Louise, the lady in the GPS is enough help.

Denise (@guest_82572)
3 years ago

I love driving and long distance driving is best. Problem is, it does not love me back anymore. More breaks for bathroom and the back and shoulder constantly scream at me. Even being co-pilot is {bleeped}. But just ask me if I want to go and I will be the first one packing. 😉

Ronald Payne (@guest_82566)
3 years ago

Been driving a City bus for over three decades,working at times six days a week and around nine hours in a day with people from all walks of life,as there are other people who drive for a living on this page know it is an adventure to say the least,perhaps i could write a book with Chucks help.

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