Friday, January 28, 2022


From these options, select where you’d most like to camp for a week…

Everyone has a picture of what their “dream” campsite might look like. Maybe it’s right on the beach with beautiful water views – the sound of the crashing waves lulls you to sleep at night. Or maybe it’s deep in the forest, right next to a raging river. Perhaps you’re a desert dweller, nothing like falling asleep next to cacti and waking up to a sunrise on the red rock, huh?

We’ve only named a few of many campsite options below, but if you had to choose just one place to camp out of these options, where would it be? Of course, we give you the answer of “none of these,” so leave a comment if none of these strike your fancy.

As always, thanks for voting.


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1 year ago

Anywhere it’s cooler than here in SC!

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

In a forest near or on a mountain lake with a mid sized town and desert near by.

Cheryl Bacon
1 year ago

In my opinion there is a huge difference between urban and suburban. Not a fan of city life, but suburbia in some states is almost rural. As long as it is boondocking, we like it. Grew up in rural, on a island and surrounded by 3 state parks so visiting those are usually last on the list. We want to see more then just state and national parks. There is so much to see, and not enough time in a lifetime.

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Kkronowitz

Where? The parking lot?

1 year ago

Any of the first 3 are good, depending on the time of the year.

Jeff Becker
1 year ago

We took our Class B RV to Alaska last year.
Now we’d like to do the loop around
Nova Scotia!

1 year ago

I could do waterfront for kayaking or deep in the forest for hiking… Desert doesn’t initially appeal to me, but then again I’ve never done it so maybe it’s nice.

Staying at a shoeboxed campground or resort, HECK no…

1 year ago

We love mountain camping and will pick them when we can. The added bonus would be along a lake or river. We’ll choose that setting over the Atlantic, Pacific, or gulf coast every day.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

I chose the first option because my wife will always pick a beach over anything else. (Having spent my teen years in Long Beach, I can “take ’em or leave ’em”.)

Jerry Clark
1 year ago

Our preference is the mountains of the West and northwest. We grew up in Missouri and now live in the southeast and have made trips to the mountains almost yearly since our retirement in 2008. We won’t be going this year due to the virus but the RV park was kind enough to carry our reservation over to next year.

1 year ago

Yes, important options are missing. E.g., lakeside (forest or desert or midwest), riverside.

Donald Nedrow
1 year ago

We are going next week, for 4 days, along the Columbia River in a County Park which is on the edge of the river. The ship channel is about 100 feet from the edge. It feels like you could touch the ships.

Connie VH
1 year ago

You didn’t think of *All the Above*, huh?

Count me there. Too hard to pin down just one for me. I love all of Nature’s beauty.

Stars in the desert night, however, are AWESOME. Other night sky things can prove very interesting too!

Ron L
1 year ago

Years ago when we had a 25′ travel trailer, we spent all the time we could in the Sierra Nevada mountains close to Mammoth CA. Tall pine trees, lakes and streams, trails to hike….perfect. We outgrew that trailer and now have a 44′ DP motorhome…..and there’s no way we can get that monster in those trees now. We made our choice, but i do miss those times spent.

1 year ago

The top 3. It would be nice if on some of these polls you can make more than one choice.

1 year ago
Reply to  mdstudey

Yes, I would have chosen the beach and the desert…as well as the luxury rv park.

Leanne Hopkins
1 year ago

There’s no option for mountains with lake view. Example: Lake Meziadin off the Cassier Highway in British Columbia.

John Mitchell
1 year ago
Reply to  Leanne Hopkins

A unbelievable view and just around the “corner” is a fantastic view of a glacier.

Glenda Alexander
1 year ago

This was a difficult choice! I like nearly all the options, depending on the season and what kinds of activities are available. For example, camping next to cacti would be nice in COOL weather and in the mountains during hot times. Variety is good.

1 year ago

Not by the ocean. My wife insisted that we have a campsite RIGHT by the ocean. The waves disturbed my sleep and as an added bonus it took a lot of work to get all the salt mist off. I remember I thanked her profusely for suggesting the ocean view.

1 year ago


Sharon Boehmer
1 year ago

my vote is for the mountains, preferably near a lake or river. Hiking, kayaking, fishing and enjoying the clean and peaceful surroundings.