Do you enjoy birdwatching?


If you like to birdwatch, have you been to any of these spots, deemed the 30 best places to birdwatch in the U.S.? Maybe you’ve been to one of these places and didn’t even notice the birds (hey, that’s okay too), but it must be neat to see all the different kinds.

While RVing or at home, do you enjoy birdwatching? Do you plan your trips or days around birdwatching, or is it just something you enjoy doing if you find yourself in a place to do so?

If you’re into birdwatching and photography, here’s a neat resource for you. Submit your photos online and share them with a community of birders. Your photo might even be selected for publication.

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John M
10 months ago

I have two bird feeders and two hummingbird feeders in the back yard

Paul S Goldberg
10 months ago
Reply to  John M

Bird Feeders are a no-no in our home park. Small birds scatter the seed on the ground which attracts varmints we don’t want to encourage. We have had a number of coaches that have been severely damaged by various rat and rat like critters. The coyotes and bob cats cannot keep up with critters. No feeding of wildlife permitted. OTOH put in plants that attract species you want to draw and there is no problem.

Captn John
10 months ago

All of my bird watching is limited to ducks and a rare goose. I lead them with my shotgun. Tasty.

10 months ago

It’s “couldn’t care less” or “could not care less”. “Could care less” means you care at least at some minimum level or a little. 🤦‍♂️

10 months ago

Or a lot!

perata bob
10 months ago

I’m a birder

Gene Bjerke
10 months ago

My wife is more interested and knowledgeable about birds than me, but she has gotten me interested as well.

Debbie PJ
10 months ago

But I do seek out Loons~

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
10 months ago
Reply to  Debbie PJ

Loons used to seek me out, Debbie. Ohhhh, wait … you’re talking about the birds! 😆 —Diane at

Sharon B
10 months ago

I have always loved animal life. As I grew older I got into photography. I absolutely love taking images of birds. Incredibly, I made friends with a mocking bird that made a home in a tree in my front yard. This bird would hear my whistle and fly to the exact same branch about 6 feet away from me. We actually tried to communicate. My neighbors thought I was nuts watching me whistle to a tree.
But when they saw what was going on they were amazed. That bird and I developed a trusting relationship as we tried to mimic communicating sounds. It was a remarkable experience for the few weeks it was here.
I really miss that bird.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
10 months ago
Reply to  Sharon B

That’s really cool, Sharon. Thanks for telling us! 😀 —Diane at

Ron L
10 months ago

I’d rather watch paint dry.

Bob p
10 months ago

35 years ago I could never understand why my parents enjoyed sitting outside watching the birds. Since that time 35 years later my wife and I sit outside under the pergola watching the activity around the Purple Martin house I installed 3 years ago. We may be making bird history, last year a sparrow made a nest in one of the “apartments “ and she defends her nesting rights furiously. This year she invited one of her friends to move into another apartment, so now we have 2 sparrow nests and 14 purple Martin nests. Normally I don’t think you would see different species nesting that close to one another, but they all seem to respect their neighbors and get along. I never realized the little sparrow was that feisty, but they will stand their ground against the purple martin that is at least twice the size of the sparrow. I now understand why my parents sat and watched the birds, it’s relaxing.

Ron T
10 months ago

I watch the birds from my seat at our kitchen table every morning as I read this newsletter. We have multiple feeders in the back yard. I also like to note what birds I see on my bike rides. This Tuesday’s 22 mile jaunt included sandhill cranes, geese, pelicans, cormorants, gold finches, meadow larks and a lone male oriole.

Ellen L
10 months ago
Reply to  Ron T

That lone male oriole reminds me of the one that would sit on our fence in Michigan and call and call. Al says he lost his wife and is calling for her.

10 months ago

I am a very lucky person in that I live in bird paradise and it is not even on that 30 top areas for bird watching. I live in the Rio Grande Valley and we are a first stop for birds flying over from the Yucatan Peninsula. Not only that, a southern flight way as well. Spring is wonderful with all of the different spots to go here. Even our own backyard. I am watching for birds where ever I go.

Wayne Caldwell
10 months ago
Reply to  mdstudey

We are about 60 miles north of the Bosque del Apache sanctuary and I love hearing and watching the Geese and. Sand Hill Cranes flying across and call out to each other.

10 months ago

As I sit in my hot tub and looking out over my property, love to see and hear the birds, especially in the morning when their getting ready for another beautiful day.

10 months ago

I had a robin’s nest right outside my shop window. I really enjoyed that. 4 eggs, all hatched. I watched them grow from really tiny gray fluff balls to juvenile robins with Mom and Dad feeding them and finally kicking them out of the nest.

Bob Perata
10 months ago

Yep, I’m a birding nut. Take me places where no one else goes. And yes, international birding, go places where tourists Never go. Great hiking for keeping in shape.

10 months ago

We enjoy watching the birds here at the house and have a LOT of assorted feeders. When RVing we will occasionally bring a small hummingbird feeder to hang from the awning. Sometimes we get lucky…

Tommy Molnar
10 months ago

Birds are fun to watch, and listen to, but I’m not going out my way to see them.

10 months ago

I love when I happen to see a cardinal or blue jay passing through my yard, but we have a neighbor next door, who has taken to feeding the birds, chipmunks, squirrels, etc. now we are constantly cleaning the bird excrement off our cars and motorhome! While I enjoy seeing the colorful display on occasion, I don’t enjoy the constant mess on my vehicles. And by constant I mean daily.

10 months ago

I really love bird listening!

Bart Bartling
10 months ago

My bird watching come from sitting on my back porch and watching the humming birds that come to the feeder hung near the porch and the other birds that come to the other bird feeders and bird baths for water.