Thursday, October 6, 2022


How would you compare the condition of today’s highways to 20 years ago?

If you’ve been on the roads for 20-plus years, you’ve seen the quality of America’s interstate highways probably both increase and decrease. You probably have a favorite highway and a least-favorite highway, and some that we’re sure you avoid altogether (probably the same ones as us).

How would you compare the condition of the interstate highways today to the way they were 20 years ago? Do you think they’ve improved or gotten worse, or stayed about the same?

Thanks for voting in today’s poll below. Leave a comment if you’d like too.


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David Binkley
2 years ago

Colorado Highways are just in horrid condition.

Bob and Charlotte Champlin
2 years ago

We traveled Interstate 70 through Indianapolis in June 2018. That stretch of highway is the worst I have ever seen. I was afraid that our brand new 5th wheel wouldn’t survive long enough to get to our first workamping job in upstate New York.

Victor Short
2 years ago

I think about the condition just bigger and wider today. A lot of times they are just bigger temporary parking lots

Gary Broughton
2 years ago

RT 10 from Florida across to Texas about 15 years ago was terrible. 40 across Arkansas used to be terrible. In last 40 some years, roads have improved mostly but we have been on some that have been neglected.

2 years ago

For several years we traveled in Finland. Roads in the Baltics were pretty bad, but there the roads were very good. We learned why. Finland is a country of freeze and thaw, but also of granite. Granite is used as the road base and it doesn’t move. Here it’s gravel, but not as good, and whatever they use here to top coat is garbage. Concrete buckles. Asphalt is better, but pits after weather changes. Whatever they use doesn’t move. Maybe someone can find out what they do and copy it here.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cindy

I think Cindy is pretty close to the way our interstates are today.

2 years ago

Interstates, most are worse then 3rd world roads.

2 years ago

Choose “Worse” because there was not an option for “Much Worse”

Dave J
2 years ago

Result of too much truck traffic and too little train traffic. One small train can carry the same amount of long distance cargo as a hundred semi trucks. At a MUCH less fuel cost and NO highway wear.

2 years ago

I live in Pennsylvania and would have to say that Our roads lean towards worse, even with the highest fuel tax in the nation our roads are not improving. For years the Pennsylvania Turnpike was the shining example to road quality, however it Is going bankrupt and surface quality is going downhill. Toll money from the Turnpike is siphoned off to pay for Philadelphia mass transit, funding for the State Police and other projects and not to mention corruption. In the past there were talks of privatizing the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Indiana privatized their toll roads only to find out that the company was not putting money back into the roads. Within the last few years they have taken them back, however they are probably some of the worst roads I’ve driven on, I can’t believe that you have to pay to destroy your RV on their toll roads, I try to avoid them and in general Indiana roads at all cost.

Mike Albert
2 years ago
Reply to  Joe

When in PA and having to go East to west, use I-80. A smoother road and its FREE. Also, while there are no eating facilities At rest stops, there are plenty of easy on easy off exits with every type of restaurants, fuel stations and truck stops. Also, the scenery is a lot better.

Bob p
2 years ago

If politicians would quit stealing highway funds to subsidize mass transit we would have the best roads in the world as our fuel taxes are high enough to keep our roads in perfect condition. They use the highway taxes to subsidize mass transit so they don’t have to raise fare rates that might cause hardships on someone who would get on the system and ride all day for 50 cents with transfers, make them pay to ride just like people have to pay to drive their cars.

2 years ago

My truck is sure a lot nicer and more comfortable. And people are complaining about roads but they sure drive faster.

Bob p
2 years ago
Reply to  Traveler

I don’t know where you live but TN use to have the best roads in the country. I was an over the road truck driver and I’ve seen the best and the worst, over the last 20 years all the roads have went downhill.

2 years ago


At least in the State of Tennessee where I reside.


Tennessee is one of only 2-3 states left where by State Law the State Fuel Tax can only be spent on roads, their upkeep and new road construction.

What a novel idea!

Spend the tax money you collect from fuel/gas/diesel sales on the roads upon which the vehicles paying the tax drive. As a result the State of Tennessee has very nice roads bridges and interstates.

Most states DUMP that money collected from gas/diesel taxes in the State’s “General Fund” where it gits spent on who knows what with one thing for sure.

It ain’t the roads!

The results in those states where the fuel tax money goes to the General Fund are TERRIBLE ROADS in need of much overdo repair and replacement!

2 years ago

30 years ago we were travelling and camping across country with our 3 little girls using a Sears utility trailer to hold our camping gear. Near Great Falls Montana our car started to make noise. We pulled over to see a mechanic in the city and he told us that was probably the new highway. None the less he took a ride with my husband and checked out the tires making sure. We traveled the Chicago expressways every day in our VW beetle and family cars. We were amazed a Montana roadway could be so poorly built. We still take several cross country trips a year The state of our highway system is deplorable. In most places it seems the answer is to put up a warning sign or close a lane or decrease the speed limit or put up construction zone signs .I wish in this time of Covid and record unemployment all of our young people on unemployment could be taught a new skill… road reconstruction and true repair.

2 years ago

Just spent 2 days driving from Mi to NY via I80 which is a toll road. The worse ride ever. I thought the toll was collected to use for road maintenance. Guess not

2 years ago
Reply to  Jane

No that is profit for the private company that your elected officials sold it to.

Last edited 2 years ago by Snayte
Wayne Caldwell
2 years ago

Here in New Mexico we can usually tell when the state workers have resurfaced the roadway vs when a private company did it. The private company’s work is most often much smoother.

2 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

Quite the opposite here in NW Wisconsin

2 years ago

Politicians don’t get “election credit” for infrastructure maintenance. No name added to a pot hole repair.

Selene Montgomery
2 years ago

Many of our interstates are in terrible shape – pot holes rough bridge junctions, jarring patches, etc. , many of which cause damage to our RVs. Parts of I-10, I-65, I-70, and I-69 are just a few that come to mind. This is just another reason to travel U.S. or state highways when we can, since they are usually much better.

Judy G
2 years ago

Plus you can slow down, enjoy the views, and stop directly in a lovely small town for lunch or a break.

Karen Willis
2 years ago

Around my area, N central MO, the US and state highways are MUCH worse – lots of heavy hauling and less maintenance. Unfortunately. Shoulders crumbling, sections closed due to bridges out.