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How would you describe the workmanship on your RV?

You’ve heard the horror stories, but you’ve heard the wonderful success stories too. Which side of the story is your RV on?

In simple terms, how would you describe the workmanship on your RV as a whole (we’re sure there are many areas that are crafted better than others)? Would you say it’s excellent, good, poor or terrible?

Please vote in the poll below and tell us which best fits your RV. Leave a comment and tell us why you answered how you did. Thanks!


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Harvey Fischer
2 years ago

2020 Forest River Wildwood
Slide in installed wrong, jammed. Ceiling sagging, staples falling out, carpet staples sticking up, black tank flush broken, one recliner delivered broken, finish nails sticking out of trim, outside trim on slide buckled, front door jams in sill. Fire extinguisher fell off the wall. Had rv 3 days, big fight. Dealer took 50 days (7 weeks one day) to repair. Bought from FunTown Rv. Sold our 2018 Grey Wolf to buy this. BIG MISTAKE.

2 years ago

I had to choose excellent. I have a Lazy Daze.

Janet Herrell
2 years ago

Had a 1994 National Dolphin and now 1998 coachman Santara made solid and have lasted many trips. Not looking forward to replacing the Santara as what is built now doesn’t seem to be built with quality.

2 years ago

We have an arctic fox camper built in 2018. It has been built with care and quality. Worth the extra money you pay for one.

2 years ago

My RV was built before the manufacturers decided to have a race to see who can produce the most defective RV’s. You know, back when they were proud to say they built them.

Walter Loyd Fuhrmann
2 years ago

I wondered why a picture was hanging on a wall in the bathroom. I took the 4 screws out to find a very large hole in the thin wall. That and making up the bed using the dining table. The table fell on the floor as the spacing was about an inch shy of holding the table.

Marilyn Granger
2 years ago

Purchased a New 2019 Wildcat Max (26.4ft) 5th wheel. It is our 3rd trailer since 2000 and love it…..but it did have flaws…no quality control. Husband fixed over 30 different items…cabinet falling off in his hand, shade falling off brackets, plastic vent cover shattering after one year, a toilet leaked because the wax ring and seal were inside own. Dealer fixed a kink in the water fill hose as it would allow us to fill the fresh water tank. Still love it and making memories!!

2 years ago

1994 Dutchmen class C they built them good back then

2 years ago

I have had 2 A class units. Each has systems never planned or thought out. It has been continual fix ups, updates, from front to back. The items are far too many to list. I always say they are not built to Military spec. A friend who works on them says they are all built the same. Absolutely!!!
The colours, cheap finishes, and sales pitches simply cover over the reality of junk. Only in the showroom are they impressive.

fred ford
2 years ago

i chose excellent. after owning several rv’s over the past 40 years our 2000 24′ born free deserves this rating. overall very well put together with attention to detail. 125K and going up.

Last edited 2 years ago by Chuck Woodbury
2 years ago

Depends on which RV we have two a 1999 National RV 35 ft. Dolphin and a 1994 Avion 36 ft 5th wheel. Dolphin workmanship is good we love the openness and the large walk-through bathroom. The Avion is excellent all cabinets, entertainment center, and closets are solid Oak no particle board. Main slide is 16 ft long and 3 ft deep plus queen bed slide is nice.

2 years ago

Floor sags due to supports being too far apart (48″), various other crappy things about the build. We love the trailer, but not its construction.

2 years ago

2017 outdoors rv glacier peak 5th wheel. Purchased new 2018. Spend 2018 and 2019 in and out of the shop for repairs. Love the layout of the trailer and the workmanship and quality of the inside. Poor quality parts and workmanship of installation. I’m convinced they installed used parts from other trailers(Based on statement from local repair shop)Had to replace electrical, septic and water systems. Clearly there was no testing of any of the systems to confirm they would consistently work. Neither dealer nor the factory had the knowledge to find and fix the problems. Most were fixed by myself. Luckily, the local shop has excellent mechanics.

merdon3538 (Merl Bell)
2 years ago

My 1997 American Tradition is without a doubt one of the best workmanship motorhomes I have seen. Everything still works and it has the old style things, such as solid wood cabinets, ceramic tile floors, and real leather couch and seats. I have had it since 2004 and put almost 70,000 miles on it and spent about 4-5 months each year living in it.

2 years ago

08 Fleetwood Excursion. I rated it “Good” only because of some materials used – wood grain vinyl cabinets- but otherwise fit & finish is great. Purchased 2 years ago from the original owner who took great care. Little things need to be repaired (small freshwater leak, screws replaced etc) but otherwise what is expected from a house shaken by “earthquake” roads.
I would have to say otherwise an excellent unit.

Thalia Daigle
2 years ago

Bought a 2019 Jayco 287BHS. On the 3rd weekend out, the control module went on the propane only hot water heater. It was under warranty but the gentlemen we dealt with said “They go all the time.” Hmm…new camper..not happy. I believe the camper was put together by the “D” team…not the “A” team. The price was the saving grace.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

My motorhome is 43 years old. Back then, they were a little heavier but built to last.

William Myers
2 years ago

I had a new 2017 Forest River XLR 43 foot toy hauler that from day one was total junk. We had water leaks, the island sink drain was not even close to the holding tank hole. Drilled off center. 3 months later, in Texas on a trip, the smell was so bad and now noticed water coming from under the artic package. We dropped the skin to find millions of maggots in the insulation from the pipe not being installed.

Phil & Peggy
2 years ago

The workmanship is OK. It’s the “engineering”, design (?), and some materials that are deficient. What the drawer slides attach to is a cheap joke, as are the cabinet door holders. And whoever designed how the device that holds the bed up is attached needs to go back to school for engineering basics.

2 years ago

I’m thankful to all for comments! I havent ever bought a new RV and am hoping to get my 1st this next fall/winter. Never gave much thought to problems occurring before ever taking on that 1st long drive. I’ll be sure to make several short and overnighters till im fairly sure no issues!

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago
Reply to  ValC

Get one a year or two old. You’ll save money and most of the bugs are usually (but not always) fixed.

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