Thursday, October 6, 2022


When you’re on a long RV trip, do you sometimes wash your underwear by hand?

Hey, there’s no judgment. Sometimes washing your underwear or other clothing items in the shower or your RV’s kitchen sink is much easier than fighting for a spot in the RV park’s laundry room, right? Especially in today’s coronavirus times when sharing any indoor space can be scary.

Some people find creative ways to do their laundry. Check out this video that shows a very unique (and useful!) way to do laundry while you’re movin’ down the road.

Please vote in our silly poll below and tell us if you sometimes wash your underwear by hand. Thanks for taking our serious polls, and thanks for taking our silly polls too. We appreciate you.


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Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

In the RV never, that’s what the washer/dryer are for.
When we are touring out of the country we wash everything by hand as we go. We have quick dry travel clothes that will dry over night in most climates that we reserve just for that kind of travel.

Rita Rosson
2 years ago

Well I bring plenty of little undie’s, maybe I have 40 pair? I’m single traveler, 110 pound female, I have never washed out a pair of them. Sometimes it’s so gosh darn hot I just throw a dress on, no bra no undies. I have a change of sheets and do that every 2 weeks by sleeping for one week on 1 side of the bed and the other the next week. Then chg them. At least once a month I do my total laundry in the campground laundromat. Has worked for me for 5 years of full timing.

Judith Parker
2 years ago

As a kid, I remember helping my mom do the laundry for our family of six when circumstances called for it. Some 60 years later, I won’t say I enjoy doing laundry by hand but, I do it. I have to admit, we carry three weeks of underwear each to reduce the possibility. 🙄
Something you do need to consider if you hang wet clothes inside, is the increase in indoor humidity if you don’t have a dehumidifier or at least damp rid. One of the DIY PVC clotheslines that has its home on the ladder is a wonderful, lightweight way to have outside space to hang a few items.

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Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

Well……I don’t think I’ll say anything about my underwear.

2 years ago

Could be:
If you wear underwear, do you change them on a long trip of x days.
I believe most travel with extra clothing.
A washer/drier or a local stream would work; while in route or when at the final destination.

2 years ago

Definition of a long trip??? My underwear has January, February, March, etc. labels. Yup, ask a silly question, you’ll get a silly answer.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  impavid

Oh, your poor wife, Impavid! 😆 —Diane at

Brian Holmes
2 years ago
Reply to  RV Staff

who the one that came up with this question, Diane?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian Holmes

Good question, Brian! It wasn’t me. 😆 —Diane at

2 years ago

Traveling for work, a bottle of cough syrup blew open in my suitcase. I found putting a bar of soap in my shorts pocket and going for a swim in the hotel pool took care of it. I have also washed shirts in a hotel sink with hair shampoo. You do what you have to do.

2 years ago

Never been to proud to wash a few things out by hand.

2 years ago

Coyote Campers (formerly known as Boondockers) are not too prissy to do some minor laundry chores while “camping” in beautiful places out in the great nowhere.

2 years ago

We have a washer and dryer. We are thankful for them in these days of COVID-19.

Gary G
2 years ago

No hand wash! As my friend Sam said “one pair lasted four days, inside, outside, front, back”.

Sue Norwood
2 years ago
Reply to  Gary G

Where’s the emoji that’s laughing!! Thanks for the chuckle!

2 years ago

what underwear?

2 years ago

Nope. Don’t wear underware.

2 years ago

My rv didn’t come equipped with a washer & dryer even though the hookups are there. I use that closet for my concentrator and for hanging clothes. So I bought a small one to put in the shower. Granted, when wash day comes around my RV is littered with clothes hanging around to finish drying and when I want to take a shower, I have to take the washer out of the shower but it works for me!

2 years ago

No, that’s why we have a washer and dryer.

John R. Wilkins
2 years ago

Wash by hand? We never carry enough for a long trip, but the motorhome has a washer and dryer, and most places we stay at have a laundry.

Gary Broughton
2 years ago

Depending on trip, like driving to Alaska, we have enough underwear and socks to last us about 3 weeks. Any campground we’ve stayed at has a laundry, otherwise we wash once a week.
We don’t get dirty but I do have old clothes to wear if the need arises and Mexican blankets to crawl on.