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If you could make one “room” in your RV bigger, which would it be?

This question might be tough for you to answer. You might say, “I can only make ONE room bigger? What about the other three?” Well, OK, sure, it’d be nice if the bedroom AND the bathroom could be bigger, but for the sake of our poll question, please just pick one.

If you could make one “room” in your RV bigger, which would it be? The bedroom? The bathroom? The kitchen? The “living room”? Expanding each would have pros and cons, but if we had to guess, we’d guess the majority of you will say either your kitchen or bathroom. We’ll see if our guess is correct…

Please vote below and tell us. Leave a comment if it’s too hard for you to pick just one.


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Debbie PJ
2 years ago

Ours is a small 5th wheel & it is perfect, if we were full timing it would not work but we love it for up to 3 weeks. 21-5 Nash

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

I said the bedroom just so I don’t have to do aerobics to make the bed. My rear bath is great…the entire width of the RV with lots of storage. That was what sold me on it.

2 years ago

I agree with the bedroom being larger. The size works well except for the weekly linens change. Trying to get all four corners down can be frustrating. Not an advertisement, but we bought Beddy’s Bed sheets for our queen sized bed and they are easier to work with.

2 years ago

Standing 6 ft and sleeping stretched out full length I am tired of a mattress that leaves my feet hanging beyond the bed.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Edstep

Hi, Edstep. My 6’8″ Marine son didn’t fit in the bunk beds on the ship on his way to the Middle East. In order to “roll” over, he had to put his legs over the side of the bed and then turn, then pull his legs back up onto the bed. (Not to mention a few headaches sustained from low doorways.) He was the tallest one on the ship, and I’m sure he was the tallest person in Iraq when his unit went in on the first day of fighting. I even saw him on the news one time in the background when Martin Savidge, the CNN reporter embedded with his unit, was reporting. 🙂 —Diane at

2 years ago

We love our 2018 class A 45 footer, it’s 13 feet and 3 inches tall so we have tons of storage and a big bedroom, we are happy with everything because it was a special order. But, who ever at Newmar thought the top kitchen cabinets needed to stick out as far as the countertop was a huge mistake? If you are 5’10 or taller like my husband he has to bend down to make coffee or you have to reach so far back to get items, I’m only 5’2 so it’s not an issue for me. I’m sure it was for storage, but they need to be set back a few inches. Now the overhead cabinets are very hard for me to use being so short,” that’s my problem “ I NOT complaining. We are very happy, but we are not full timers. Now built in dog beds would be very nice so we could get our recliners back and not be on the floor on the dog beds watching TV. You see who is in control on our vacations?

2 years ago

I’d make the bathroom, 6 inches to a foot bigger. When I sit on the toilet, my toes stick out from under the door. (There’s a gap of an inch or two for air circulation.)

After taking a shower, I can’t put clean socks on while sitting on the toilet lid. I have to open the door.

2 years ago

We ordered our 40′ 5th wheel and it is pretty roomy. I would add some more accessible storage, though, in the kitchen and bathroom.

2 years ago

I voted for the bedroom. We really have plenty of room in our RV (45’ Class A) but making the bed with the side tables tight against the mattress is literally a pain – both on my hands and my back. Just another inch or two would make life a little easier, at least on my hands, not much can be done about the reach to get those center covers in place.

Ron L
2 years ago

I voted for the bathroom, but in reality it’s only the shower that I would really like to be a little larger. It is adequate, but could stand to have a little more elbow room.

John Koenig
2 years ago

The ONLY things I miss from my “sticks & bricks” are the whirlpool tub and deluxe shower (downstairs & upstairs). A nicer shower in my RV would be wonderful but for many (most?) RV builders, bathrooms are made to be super compact.

Curtis Crosby
2 years ago

My garage. Never big enough

Captn John
2 years ago

Downsized to 41’ will h 5 slides. The Montana has storage under all but the kitchen, we cannot fill it! Large bath with 2 sinks and a 1/2 bath. For long term or full time it’s the best floor plan and so much storage!

kat antrim
2 years ago

What I wouldn’t give for a residential oven/stove, a larger fridge and a little more counter space!!

Ronald Duncan
2 years ago

well if it means I’d have to make my RV longer or the other rooms smaller ( and it has to be one or the other doesn’t it ? ) I guess I’ll just leave everything as it is.

Robyn Gleim
2 years ago

I chose bedroom so we could get a king size bed (and still have bedside tables). Overall, our 2004 40′ Itasca Horizon (3 slides) is a great size! Lots of room in the kitchen/living area and bathroom is plenty big. Actually the bedroom is plenty big, too …except the bed size (its a queen) and the pursuers would like a little more room to sleep! 🙂

Bob and Charlotte Champlin
2 years ago

We are full-timers in our Vanleigh Vilano 325RL and are very happy with it. We wouldn’t change anything. It’s perfect for us.

2 years ago

We have a Montana High Country 330rl. It has double sinks, 40 percent larger bathroom. Love it.

Marie Dalzell
2 years ago

We have a Bullet 221 rbs. Bathroom is teeny tiny. A child couldn’t even get dressed in there.

2 years ago

I look forward to having a 25’class c (currently in a 30′.) But woe is me for storage space! Would love to have one with the “outdoor garage!” Have seen a few brands that appear to have it but new is not in my budget. Will keep looking and try for used “new”!

Nancy K Michaels
2 years ago

Our dining area would be larger if my husband and I had our way. We’re both average size, but the table position makes it awfully hard to get in or out of a chair.

Deborah Mason
2 years ago

I’d love to have room for beds for our dogs. One took possession of the couch on his first trip in the RV, the other one mostly sleeps on the floor near the bed, until I get up for a potty break, then he moves somewhere else.

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