How important is having a microwave oven in your RV?


Some people, perhaps you included, say they cannot live without a microwave. Others hardly ever or never use theirs. Some people even refuse to have one in their home or RV.

Redneck fire alarm.

Of course having a microwave does make things easier (and quicker) for many meals, snacks or recipes. But, of course, there are other methods of heating or defrosting food. Heck, you can even pop your popcorn on the stove (what a thought, right?)!

What do you think? Is having a microwave oven in your RV important to you? Please tell us in the poll below. As always, thanks for voting.

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Rosalie Magistro
5 days ago

Now that being said..I’d be lost without my 2 instant pots and my instant pot vortex oven.
I would never cook in my microwave, its mainly used for heating up coffee or leftovers.
We also have a Blackstone tailgater along.

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Dick Burgman
10 days ago

When we cook we usually make a large batch so we bag up and freeze the rest. So we have a freezer with lots of frozen meals. After a day of exploring, which we do most days, it is nice to come home and just microwave dinner. We add a salad or veggie and fruit and in minutes we have dinner. My wife has gotten so good at this I can’t tell the microwaved meal from the original cooked one.

Deb H
14 days ago

I took it out to have storage space for my instantpot and other necessary items.
I heat food on the stove top, defrost meat sealed in a zip lock bag, in a bowl of water.
Totally don’t need the microwave!

15 days ago

My microwave is also a convection oven. I don’t have a gas oven.

Timothy Johnson
16 days ago

Our microwave is the bread box in our camper..

Rory R
16 days ago

We use the convection feature of our Microwave/convection oven. My SO didn’t trust it @ first until I used it to do a small roast when we were stuck inside because of a rainy day. When she saw how beautifully it browned the roast she was smiling from ear to ear. She hated the fact that our current rig had no LP oven. Add to that we had no LP, and she hated cooking with electric cooktops, or so she thought. She now makes amazing meals using the Induction cooktop and the Microwave/convection oven. I have to stand in line to heat my cup of coffee… Replacing the aluminum pots was a small price to pay…

Gene Bjerke
17 days ago

When I was traveling with my previous wife, I used the microwave for most of the cooking. My present wife (who does the majority of the cooking) never uses it. It currently serves as the place to store our big cooking pan. That’s interesting, because she uses the microwave at home often.

17 days ago

I consider having a microwave a convenience but not really necessary. What’s more important to me is having a convection oven. My propane oven gets used for storage. Would rather do away with it and have the added cupboard or drawer space!

17 days ago

I am somewhere between can’t live without and very nice to have. Being single, I tend to make several large meals during the week and freeze leftovers. I then reheat the leftovers. Yes, you can do it on the stove or in the oven. But the microwave is quicker. And for heating a frozen leftover while at a rest stop it is great.

Tommy Molnar
15 days ago
Reply to  Paul

The other issue as I see it when it comes to reheating leftovers in the oven is, if you’re in a hot, HOT place (like Houston where we are currently), the a/c can barely keep up with the sweltering heat as it is. If you turn on the oven, your RV temperature immediately goes up by many degrees.

Diane Mc
17 days ago

We use microwave & convection oven. We love leftovers. Usually make extra when we are cooking so we have another meal or 2. When we eat out, rarely can finish whole meal, so we have an extra meal for the week (cuts cost of eating out!). Even times when we order extra to take “home” with us if it’s a place where we love their food (anything in Louisiana….love Cajun food). When we dry camp at Daytona fo 10 days I fill empty water bottles with water while we are hooked up at a campground. When I need to wash my hair, heat the bottles and use them to wash & rinse, with a quick final rinse with the shower head. Also to rinse off after I soap up, then while doing final rinse of hair do same for body.

17 days ago

Ours is the storage unit for our DVD’s
Never used it wish it wasn’t there

17 days ago

We boondock a lot so it doesn’t get used a lot. Makes a good breadbox.

Marilyn Grinnell
17 days ago

Very important. I brew pour-over coffee which requires hot water.

Linda B
17 days ago

We don’t have an oven, just a 4 burner propane stove which I have never used, so having a microwave/convection oven is very important. I’m still learning to use my Instapot Duo Crisp & Air Fryer that has all the functions of steaming, pressure cooking, slow cooking, etc. If we are not grilling outside we are using one of these other appliances to prepare all our meals. We have been full time RVers for the past 8 years.

17 days ago

Use ours all the time. We cook and freeze portion sized meals at home and reheat while traveling. Less mess and it doesn’t heat up the trailer. Also, less odor from the food than cooking on stove top.

17 days ago

Other than heating some water to see if it still works, we have never used ours. It still looks brand new. The one in our house gets used several times every day. Go figure.

Thelma Thomas
17 days ago

We mainly use the microwave for popcorn. And we really like popcorn so would miss it if we didn’t have a microwave.

17 days ago

We only use ours for heating up water for the shower when we’re boondocking. Other wise I wish we could use the space for storage.

Tommy Molnar
17 days ago
Reply to  Michelle

How do you do that? Solar shower?

Deb H
14 days ago
Reply to  Michelle

Don’t you have a gas water heater?

17 days ago

I don’t have one, don’t miss one and rarely use mine at home except for the occasional time I need to have melted butter for a recipe.

17 days ago

For me it’s dead weight, just like the roof A/C

17 days ago

If you were in Pahrump last week , month or year you would be dead without an ac!