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How many televisions are permanently installed in your RV?

You may remember the days when RVs didn’t even have one TV installed. Now, newer RVs are being designed with three, sometimes four, TVs. Can you believe it?

If you have an older RV, chances are you only have one (or two) TVs, but if you just bought a new model, you probably have three or four. Are we right? How many televisions are permanently installed in your RV?

Please vote in the poll below, and leave a comment too. Do you wish your RV had more TVs? Do you wish it had fewer? How many TVs does your RV have, and out of those TVs, how many do you actually use? We’re curious. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Neal Davis (@guest_96085)
3 years ago

We typically only use 3 of the 4. There are 2 in the main salon (i.e., living room/kitchen/dining area) and we typically only watch the larger of the two. The bedroom and outside televisions get far less use than the larger one, but still far more than the smaller one. When traveling with my in-laws, then I often watch the bedroom television with no sound (closed captions) after everyone else has gone to bed. All televisions get heavy use, especially the outside one, during football season because we tailgate at all home games (college). We usually have more people than tickets, so some attend game while others watch from the RV.

Last edited 3 years ago by Neal Davis
Bruce McDonald (@guest_96024)
3 years ago

I answered zero TVs. We had one that was only used occasionally if the grand kids were along. We took it out for some maintenance. We haven’t re installed it. I doubt that we will. Maybe we will reinstall it after Covid and we take the grand kids along again. We do have second monitors for each of our laptops. We just ordered a Class B to supplement our 5th wheel. It comes with one TV that will be replaced with a computer monitor when it is delivered.

Bill (@guest_95951)
3 years ago

Just one in bedroom, one in front, we relocate one if we want to watch outside.

Denny (@guest_95877)
3 years ago

I love watching tv! All of them outside inside or all around the MH, news junkie of all channels to compare, and old movies 40’ & 50’s.. Car Auctions, history etc, etc, yes and jeopardy, weather Channels.

Bob Fehrenbacher (@guest_95789)
3 years ago

Well, our Hurricane came with 5. Two at the bunk beds, master bedroom, living and of course one outside. We rarely watch any of them.

Shannon (@guest_95749)
3 years ago

We have one but rarely have used it. I think we’ve watch a movie two maybe three times. We’re more likely to play games in the evening.

Rory R (@guest_95730)
3 years ago

My Mountain Aire came with 3 TV’s. And we have used all of them. During the day we are exploring and discovering things and places. But when we come home in the evening, uh-oh, I watch TV. Go ahead take away my badge of honor. Weather doesn’t always cooperate. We have been holed up for days at a time because of rain or wind blown sand, so we watch TV. I’m a sports fan, I have had occasions where I’m watching a game on the exterior TV and next thing I know I have neighbors who have come over and joined me. Oh and they bring beer and snacks. Great way to make friends…

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC (@guest_95728)
3 years ago

39” LR, 32” bedroom plus a 19” that is stored in original box used rarely when saving power boondocking. The new 19” a bit extravagant but the family shopper couldn’t resist for $39 US$.
We don’t consider ourselves campers, instead are 5 month Snowbird travellers rarely stopping anywhere more than 2 weeks. As political news-hounds satellite tv is essential.

Don Scott (@guest_95727)
3 years ago

We have 3 Tvs in our 2016 Jayco 38FLFS, a Samsung 65 inch 4K curved screen in the living room, and a 32 inch in the bedroom and a Samsung 4k 32 inch in the basement. We have a Dish Network auto search HD Wingard Travl’r antenna. We enjoy TV very much. When boondocking, we have a 5.5 KW Onan generator and 1500 Watt inverter to run the electronics.

Diane (@guest_95724)
3 years ago

We have never used the TV in the bedroom. We also have one outside that we use on occasion and one in the main space that we use a little more often, but frankly I wouldn’t miss any of them.

Tom (@guest_95718)
3 years ago

RV came with 2, don’t watch much when we travel to see things but do use later in evening when visiting family

Bill Fisher (@guest_95710)
3 years ago

Our Montana came with two TVs. I believe I remember turning the bedroom TV on once just to see if it worked. We do use the living room TV quite a bit—at least my wife does.

Debbie PJ (@guest_95709)
3 years ago

Never want one either

Randy Carey-Walden (@guest_95708)
3 years ago

Our travel trailer is 8 years old and we have had the TV turned on once. We have never put the TV antenna up (don’t even know if it works) nor have we ever hooked up to campground cable. We don’t RV to watch TV.

Bounder (@guest_95702)
3 years ago

We have 2 TVs like most and use either from time to time. What I don’t understand, those with outside televisions, why do they turn them on? The TVs are on all day and into the evening, but there’s no one there watching them? Is it just to say hey, look at me I have more toys than you?

Walter Loyd Fuhrmann (@guest_95701)
3 years ago

As I watch surveys, I come to realize the majority appears to be those with bigger rigs, and in rv parks. Not complaining, just an observation. Most can’t live without a microwave, many have 2 TV ‘s. As a boondocker, those are low priorities. But I truly enjoy the newsletter and continually learn.

Diane Mc (@guest_95698)
3 years ago

We have 2. They don’t interfere with our enjoyment of areas we are visiting. We have a sat dish & a DVR. Record everything. We mostly use for motor racing, golf, major news events.

Darlene K (@guest_95695)
3 years ago

No TV. When I bought my RV my plan was to travel, stay at State Park sites and be outside as much as possible hike, sightsee. I have done that every winter for two years and full-time since January of this year. I did not want to be sucked into staying inside and watching TV. If I want indoor entertainment I read, I can watch a video on my computer and I get the news on my phone. So I don’t miss it at all.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY (@guest_95694)
3 years ago

We designed our 2015 Holiday Rambler Ambassador to have 4 TV’s. Two in the living area, one in the bedroom and one in an outside entertainment center. We have used them all.

The two that are at different ends of the living area can be on the same channel or different channels depending on the needs of the people who are entertaining. The outside TV has been used for large groups (not during Covid) watching sports events. Works for us.

Stay safe, Stay well.

Deborah Mason (@guest_95691)
3 years ago

We rarely use the one in the main living area. I have used it to go out & watch a video that didn’t interest my husband while he watched a broadcast program in the house.

If we’ve used the one in the bedroom it was only for our daughter to play her video game.

When out in the RV we usually have better things to do.

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