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Has anything worth $100 or more ever been stolen from you?

We’re holding our breath with this one. We hope most of you answer no to this question, but know some of you will answer yes. In April 2019, we asked if anything had ever been stolen from your campsite. Sadly, almost a quarter of you answered that something had been stolen. We hope the results from this poll don’t mirror that one.

So, have you ever had anything stolen from you that was worth $100 or more? If you’re willing to share, please tell us the story (and what was stolen) in the comments below the poll. If you’re not comfortable sharing the details, that’s okay too.


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2 years ago

My wife’s car was stolen from in front of my house at night. A parent was mad because her child did not want to do his homework and my wife made him do it in class. She told my wife she stole her car it because she was mad at her for making him do homework. Talk about angry parents.

2 years ago

Unfortunately, more than once. The people who said no are lucky.

Ed Step
2 years ago

Back in 82 someone kicked in the door of our apartment and stole several firearms, tools, jewelry, and cash. Actually around $2,000. at the time. Never caught them or got anything back.

2 years ago

Thieves must be really smart or really good. My pickup was broken into in a crowded parking lot. No one seen anything and the cameras didn’t cover my area. Go figure.

2 years ago

Had a ’91 honda civic stolen at the company Christmas party and taken on a high speed chase eluding the Washington State Patrol. It showed up dumped in a parking lot with a broken window a week or so later. Had a ’92 Honda Accord wagon stolen from in front of my in-laws house Thanksgiving morning; it was stripped and dumped a couple weeks later. Had to fight the insurance to get what I paid for it 2 months earlier when they totalled it out. Had stereos stolen out of several vehicles, had a battery stolen off my travel trailer in my yard, had motorcycle helmet and boots stolen from college classroom, had an expensive cell phone stolen from my shared apartment in college. Even had a thief cut the catalytic converter out of my truck one time. Thieves are everywhere.

2 years ago

Had a $200 (in 1980 dollars) bicycle stolen out of my open garage while I was home on a Sunday afternoon.

Robert Cassels
2 years ago

About 4 times

2 years ago

I was unclear whether or not you meant EVER or from a campsite. I thought you meant from a campsite so I said “NO” – but my husband and I had our City Bikes stolen from our locked roof car rack in Lowell Massachusetts 20+ years ago.

2 years ago

While waiting on an air strip in Vietnam in 1968 my fairly expensive camera was stolen from the Jeep I just parked. I saw no one around when I stopped or when I got back in. I was standing on passenger side for maybe 3 minutes waiting to pick up an officer, no one saw anything.

Mike Sokol
2 years ago

Don’t get me started. Within 8 hours of me arriving at a hotel in London, Ontario, a thief stole my truck with $50,000 worth of audio gear in the trailer, drove it nearly 100 miles until it ran out of gas, then busted off the locks in full view of the neighborhood. The good people of the neighborhood then stripped it bare without reporting anything to the police. The worst part is that Canadian customs said I had imported the gear into Canada from the US and demanded that I pay the import duty on $50,000 of the gear that was stolen. They hounded me for 2 years before giving up.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Sokol

Wow, Mike. That’s terrible! What a nightmare! 😯 —Diane at

2 years ago

In 1991 someone stole all 4 tires and wheels from my car while it was parked at a park and ride. The insurance adjuster had the company waive my deductible. It took 4 days to find replacement wheels, get them delivered and tires installed. They even paid for the rental car!

Phil & Peggy
2 years ago

While shopping in a Walmart supermarket I had my tablet open in the top of my shopping cart. I turned away briefly to pay for my prescriptions and when I turned back the tablet was gone. And nobody saw a thing.

2 years ago

What a hoot. It’s hard to believe that 1/3 of respondents have not had anything over $100 stolen. My best story is one where nothing was stolen. With the truck door lock punched out from a previous burglary, I found a token left on my center console after returning from work. It read, “No cash value”. I had to smile.

2 years ago

Been blessed to never have anything stolen. Maybe it had something to do with having a black and white car parked at home for 35 years.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

Yep, that might have helped a bit. 😆 Have a Happy Thanksgiving, George, and stay healthy. 🙂 —Diane at

2 years ago

Before the wife and I went out the first time I bought a used tow dolly for $650. I had it chained to my fence post in front of my house. We went to Walmart to get paint and a new wiring harness, got it, and were gone 1 1/2 hours when we got back it was gone, chain lock and all…

2 years ago

My wife’s van was stolen twice over 3 years from a mall parking lot. My Jeep was stolen as well around the same time (1990’s just before Christmas). Winnipeg, Manitoba was known as having one of the highest rates in Canada for vehicle theft.

2 years ago

Our converted passenger van was stolen from right in front of our house years ago. This was a high end model. Month later it was abandoned with the entire interior having been removed. The only thing left was the dash and a folding chair to sit on while they towed it to they drove it to the abandoned site.

Ron Jewell
2 years ago

The day after I returned from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, our van was stolen from a Wal-Mart parking lot. They trashed the van, and stole the tools in it.

2 years ago

We have a lakeside cabin in the Maine woods, at the end of a 5-mile dead-end gravel road. A couple guys from town got drunk, drove out to the end of the road, broke into our cabin and a half dozen others, stole a bunch of stuff, and got away clean. Dumb guys – they decided the pickings were so easy that they would do it again the next night. By then, the first break-ins had been reported, and there was a state trooper waiting at the road’s exit when they came out with their new haul. And they still had most of the previous night’s items in their car. They went to jail, were required to write letters of apology to all the victims, and make monthly restitution payments that lasted years. Maine camps don’t usually contain anything of great value, but the psychological effect in this previously crime-free area was uncomfortable.

Mel Kraft
2 years ago

Yes, had my laptop, registrations and some plums stolen from my pickup truck. The most annoying was they ate some plums and toss the pits in the back seat. Very frustrating.

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