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Where do you mostly RV, east or west of the Mississippi?

When you’re out traveling in your RV, where are you most often – east or west of the Mississippi? The line is drawn south from MN to LA (see the photo for the exact location).

Photo credit: Quizlet

If you answer one way or another, is that intentional, or is that just because you tend to stay closer to your sticks-and-bricks home, or family, or another reason?

Please vote in the poll below. Remember, it may take a moment or two to load. Thanks for voting. Happy travels!


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2 years ago

Since we have a son in both areas we alternate each year. Works well as we get to see new parts of the country every year. We typically spend 1-2 weeks with them (we stay in our RV), then visit other states within the mentioned areas… both as we travel to see them and after leaving. It works well for us.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cheri

I should have mentioned we live in Kansas, which is a plus no matter which way we head as far as miles traveled.

Grant Graves
2 years ago

I answered both. I answered more aspirational than historical. We started full-timing in Feb 2020. So far we have kind of been stuck in California but in late April we will head East going first to Indiana and then tour around the Great Lakes area. Heading to Southeast and Florida for the winter. Then up to Maine spring of 2022. We plan to travel the entire lower 48.

2 years ago

My travel is MUCH more dense to the East, because I live in the socialist state of NY and it takes a 15hr drive to even reach the Mississippi. Once I cross that, then it’s HUGE loops of the country for a multi-week cross-country.

2 years ago

I’ve only had my Travel trailer for 1 3/4yrs. Mostly covid. So, because of that I have stayed in the east US which is closer to home.

MN Anon
2 years ago

So far, it’s about equal, but MN is home so we spend a lot of time right on the line! We’re hoping to cover a lot of the US post Covid!

2 years ago

My wife and I camp primarily in the West within California (still working), but I’m a third generation TT camper – my grandparents went full-time starting back in the 60’s ranging from Southern California to British Columbia, so they were North-South, westerners.

Roy Davis
2 years ago

I find this question very limiting. I had to click west but love camping in the plains states. I avoid both coasts and prefer mid-america.

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

Still work full time, and live outside Seattle. Had our Class A as far east as St. Louis, Memphis and Pensacola. Looking forward to retirement so we can head back east, winter over in Florida and chase the NASCAR circuit around for five years or so.

Jesse W Crouse
2 years ago

Still working full time. Live just outside Philly, Pa. Limit our trips by the time to get there- usually 10 is the limit. We do dog trials and need to take at least 1 rest stop for the troops. Plan to get west this year when we caravan with friends who do the same and are from there originally and know of places to stay.

2 years ago

East from April – November then west during the winter to visit family,

2 years ago

Travel 6 years through the West while stationed out there with the military and 5 years after retirement. Moved back home to the far north east and traveling old stomping grounds and finding new.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

Never RV’d east of the Mississippi, but plan to by next year. Want to visit ME, NC, SC, GA and FL.

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 years ago

Most of our RVing is camping which is done close to home. However, about every 3 to 4 years we take a big trip and that can cover the entire country.

Neal Davis
2 years ago

We live in SE Tennessee (near Chattanooga) and are retired. However, we live on a farm that requires quite a bit of upkeep. So, we tend to take monthly trips of 4 or 5 days. All those trips tend to be east of the Mississippi in order to spend only 4 or 5 hours reaching our destination. We do take infrequent (~2 times/year) longer trips that may take us west of the Mississippi. Once the farm is in better shape, then we will venture west more often because I have seen so little of it.

2 years ago

We’ve been full timing for about 4 years. After only 6 months, we had to park our RV in south FL for 2 years to take care of his aged father whose health was declining rapidly. We traveled some with dad, but all in the southeast. He passed only a few months before Covid hit, so we again were stuck. We moved up to NC last July and spent the fall there. We’re wintering in FL and will explore more of eastern US this summer. THEN, we plan to head west for next winter and the following summer.

So……circumstances have forced us to stay in the east, but we plan to explore the western part of the US in the fairly near future.

2 years ago

Born/raised smack-dab in the middle(ish); Missouri, that is……so I really can go to either side just as easily & both east & west have awesome sights to see. The only thing I really believe when it comes to this: don’t be so stuck in your way by thinking one place is better than another. Apples to oranges. Instead, try to see it all. It all belongs to you just as much as it belongs to me or anyone else, so get out there & enjoy! It’s stunning & so worth the time it may take to get there! America is rich in glorious sights, so take advantage of the fact we are lucky enough to be here.
Okay… my soapbox. Have a great day everyone!

2 years ago
Reply to  Renee

Well said, Renee, well said.

2 years ago

We take many 3 or 4 day trips where we live in the East but all our long trips are West of the ole Mississip. If not for covid we would be out West now.

Wayne Caldwell
2 years ago

Although I’m retired, my bride still works. This keeps us from taking long trip so our camping is within a 300 mile radius of home. However, after she retires…..

Kevin Pilant
2 years ago

I reside west of the big muddy, and most of my employment assignments have me West also.

Wayne Braxton
2 years ago

Polls typically do not accomodate accurate answers. We have travelled the west for three weeks but still have 9 states to visit. That was scheduled in 2020 but cancelled due to covid. Rescheduled this year. But, we have visited all states east of the Mississippi on a regular basis. I am retired now so we can roam more freely.

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