Friday, January 28, 2022


Do you enjoy hunting?

Many RVers consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts. And many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hunting. Do you enjoy hunting? If so, what do you most enjoy hunting?

About a year ago we ran a poll that asked you to pick your favorite outdoor activity. Only 4 percent, 110 of you, said hunting, which isn’t a large number (the activity with the most votes, 32 percent, was hiking). But we still want to know how many of you enjoy hunting.

Take off the camo, wash your hands, then vote in the poll below. Thanks!


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John Koenig
10 months ago

I have never “hunted”. That said, I have NO problem with those who choose to hunt / fish as long as they do so in a responsible manner (which I believe the overwhelming majority of hunters do). I was a “County Mountie” for decades. In the course of my duties, there were several times when the humane thing to do was to euthanize an injured animal (most often do to animal / vehicle contact). Most people are NOT aware that in the early 1940s, an 11% Federal tax was added to the price of ammunition and a 10% Federal tax added to the price of firearms. These taxes were over and above whatever sales tax would be collected at the point of sale. These Federal taxes were to be used SOLELY for the benefit of conservation and were embraced by the firearms industry & sportsmen. Politicians are ALWAYS looking for more money to pay for their “pet projects” and are currently trying to SIGNIFICANTLY raise the Federal taxes in order to further two goals. “Gun Control” & pet projects.

Bob Weinfurt
10 months ago

I don’t hunt as I can’t walk far but I do enjoy fishing.

Cheryl Bacon
10 months ago

I don’t hunt, but don’t have a problem with it as long as it is done legally. Several of my family members hunt. I was excited for my grandsons and granddaughters when they all showed me pictures of their multi point deer. I don’t like venison, duck and quail. Nor, do I really have the patience for creeping through or sitting in the woods waiting for a target. Now if a wild animal is attacking livestock or a person, sure I have no trouble hunting/shooting it. Target practice and such are more to my liking. In fact, I’m eagerly awaiting a new shooting and archery range opening up down the road.

Bradley Anderson
10 months ago
Reply to  Cheryl Bacon

Ditto….although I might add gophers to my kill list whenever I get around to it. Gophers bring the badgers in so they get thinned out once in a while.

DL Jenson
10 months ago

Only with my camera!

10 months ago

I don’t hunt or fish because it’s boring! After an hour without success, I’m headed home.

10 months ago

I hunt. Only out of season and with a camera. When I got back from Vietnam it lost its pleasure.

Wayne c
10 months ago

It dawned on me quite a while ago that the part I like about hunting is the camping and shooting. Now I let the hunters have their time during their short season and I can camp and target shoot the rest of the time when the weather is also generally better.

Tim Bear
10 months ago

I was one of a loosely defined group of maybe a dozen men, ages 18-70, five to eight of whom hunted elk & deer together out of the same camp in the western Colorado Rockies each year for almost 50 years. Some seasons we brought out half a dozen animals, some years we were unsuccessful; but it didn’t matter. Each year was a joy – to experience the outdoors, closely observe all kinds of wildlife in situ, and share our comradery. I’ve hunted only twice in the ten years I’ve been RVing with my wife of 32 years, but what I experienced in the planning and living of those hunting trips are among my very fondest memories.

Bob M
10 months ago

I like hunting for deer, did like squirrel hunting. But not a lot of nut trees where I hunt. Don’t see a lot of people hunting. Pa game commission gives out to many doe license. It is difficult buying ammo because of the pandemic and the anti gunners now buying guns. Gun supply is also low. Some are afraid people will steal their food. Between the pandemic and democrats being in charge. People are being greedy and not only buying ammo by the case. but also by the pallet. They claim ammo mfg’s are working 24/7 and ammo’s still hard to find.

Stephen G Johns
10 months ago

I actually enjoy “hunting” it’s the dressing and cleaning part I think of as work. So I “hunt” and shoot with a camera.

10 months ago


Joe S.
10 months ago

As I get older I do much less hunting. Not a physical thing, just find it harder to end the life of any target, even when hunting for food. Ducks, deer etc. often get a free pass when I am in the field. just my mind working.

Thomas D
10 months ago

Not any longer. Used to enjoy hunting but urban expansion has ruined it. No where to go without owning land. Like fishing, the water is there but so many people searching for the same fish/ rabbit, there is hardly anything to catch/shoot.

10 months ago

I used to hunt , but stopped when I realized there was a whole lot of drunks with LOADED guns out there hunting….So now I fish….

10 months ago

Like the quite alone time but enjoy hunting with my brother and my son’s. The sense of being, the no stress. Taking in of all nature. Sense of accomplishment rather successful or not in collecting the quarary. Hunted Europe, Australia, Canada and the great USofA. Only three I have not perused is moose, grizzly or brown bear and sheep. But have covered other large animals and upland and water fowl.

Sink Jaxon
10 months ago

I used to but I just can’t take the drudging up and down hills anymore. Fishing is my thing now, love scootin’ around the lakes in my 18′ Lund catchin’ bass and walleye!

Thomas H Brewer
10 months ago

I used to go out dove hunting when I was in high school. Joined the Army and came home on leave and went deer hunting once. Froze my butt off and haven’t hunted since. Now I do my hunting with a camera and don’t have to be out freezing.

10 months ago

Same story here except it was ducks and Navy.

Ron T.
10 months ago

At about 9 yrs. old I started carrying a .22 with me every time I went walking near home. Occasionally even went “hunting.” Last time was probably in the late 60s. Still have 4 guns including the rifle the wife wanted for Christmas 5 yrs.ago. She hasn’t used up that first box of shells yet. Have a married couple among our friends who supply us with venison every year and this year even included some elk.

10 months ago

I don’t hunt, but I used to enjoy Sporting Clays and clay target shooting.

Retired Firefighter Tom
10 months ago

When I was a young teenager I went hunting with my Mom and brother. Haven’t hunted since I learned how to drive sixty years ago.

10 months ago

I was an avid bow hunter for 45 years, until we started our full time travel. Now, the non-resident hunting fees in states we travel to are too expensive, so I haven’t hunted in 11 years. It was a big part of my life & the one thing I miss the most about my pre-travel life.