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RV Review: Everbright EB-RV Tricycle Motorhome

By Tony Barthel
If you don’t know about Alibaba but are addicted to Amazon, this is your fair warning. Read this article and never think about Alibaba again. Alibaba is the place where you can literally buy an electric-powered RV for under $6,500. No, seriously. That RV is the Everbright EB-RV Tricycle Motorhome. So what exactly is it? 

What in the…???

You’re never going to see one of these cruising the highways of the U.S. for a variety of reasons. The first of those is that this is a three-wheeled vehicle. That being said, though, it’s still entertaining to look at what is happening with RVs elsewhere around the world. 

Part of the reason this won’t be licensed for U.S. roads is that the top speed of the Everbright EB-RV Tricycle Motorhome is just 25 miles per hour. This is certainly enough to get around in congested cities. However, it’s not something you’re going to want to take along Route 66. 

With that lengthy journey along the Mother Road in mind, you’re also not likely to get very far. The car is described as being able to be charged by a backpack battery charger using household current. The battery itself is a 7.2kw/h battery. That’s about a tenth of what the Tesla Model 3 has in its least-equipped form. 

Essentially, the Everbright EB-RV Tricycle Motorhome is sort of an electric meter maid vehicle with a big box on the back forming the RV. The only thing inside is a large bench across the front of the vehicle along with a table and another bench at the back. 

There are actually power outlets by the benches. However, I wasn’t able to determine if they work from the battery’s power or if they’re an extension of shore power. 

In back of the Everbright EB-RV

Out in back of the Everbright EB-RV Tricycle Motorhome, it’s sort of like a teardrop in configuration. Unfortunately, there are no appliances or features other than a lot of cabinet space and a deep well. You could put things like coolers in the well and, if there is enough power aboard, you could possibly bring an induction cooktop or even a Coleman stove. 

The vehicle is actually pretty small at just 150 inches long and 59 inches tall. 

In true Class C fashion, there’s a sleeping area above the cab if you have others joining you on your travels. It seems that this space would be better used by children rather than full-fledged adults – but to each their own. 


If you happen not to be in China, as I would expect applies to the majority of you, but do venture into Germany, then you could choose en Elektro Frosch instead. While my Chinese is terrible, I do speak German, and this literally translates into Electro Frog. Okay, then. 

Elektro Frosh makes a variety of electric vehicles including a three-wheeled flatbed truck whose bed configuration reminds me of the old VW Transporter pickup of the 1960s. Essentially, the sides can drop down, giving you a flatbed for cargo. 

The E-Transporter mit Camping

This vehicle is called the E-Transporter mit Camping (the transporter with camping). It’s the company’s Elektro Kleintransporter with a camping module option. That option includes a kitchen, awning and tent. 

Again, I just can’t imagine tooling down the Autobahn in my Porsche Taycan at 150 miles per hour and seeing this piddling along in the slow lane. However, no German worth their salt would ever take this on the Autobahn as it wouldn’t be permitted.  

The company’s camper offering is really based on its three-wheeled electric cargo/pickup model with camping accessories added. These include a tent that is much like the overlanding tents we see available for the rooftops of trucks here. That tent sits on top of the sides when they’re up. There are tables and cooking systems available as well. 

Truthfully, a vehicle like the E-Transporter mit Camping might be used more in a larger industrial setting or, maybe, for local deliveries and that sort of thing as it, too, has both limited range and speed. Like its Chinese equivalent, it’s comparable in size and price at about $4,800 U.S. dollars. 

The cab on this is completely separate and the bed goes back to whatever you were using it for at work when the weekend’s over. I showed it to my cousin in Germany and his response was not really something we would repeat here on RV Travel. 

Since this is in German, I could get more specs on it. It seems the range on this vehicle is about 37 miles with a top speed of about the same 25 miles per hour. 

In summary

Honestly, I have no concept of who would buy either of these little three-wheeled campers. For the money spent you’re only going about 25 miles at a top speed of 25 miles per hour. You had better hope that, if you did get 25 miles away, wherever you end-up has charging facilities as well. 

They’re not that capable as campers or as vehicles in general. But it’s still entertaining to see what people are doing. 

As for Alibaba, just don’t go there if you have any desire to do some shopping. It’s a huge, huge site. Think of Amazon but make it the Amazon of a feverish, drug-induced dream. There are all sorts of things you can imagine there. Those include a huge assortment of wacky, silly, crazy, imaginative and downright stupid things as well. For example, you can buy the least expensive four-wheel vehicle in the world, the Chang Li. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Roy Christensen
1 year ago

I enjoy reading about the different types of RV’s. I do not read everything in every newsletter or newspaper because after a few sentences I decide whether or not this might interest me. So rather than criticizing the author, just don’t read that particular article you might not like and save yourself your precious time. I do read most everything in RV Travel and sometimes I learn something I wasn’t expecting to. Also, I know that what appeals to me may not appeal to everyone. Good job Tony and RV Travel!

Horace Moning
1 year ago

I like this product and affordable

1 year ago

WHY? Thankfully I didn’t waste my time..

1 year ago

Tony, thanks for sharing what RV’s can look like in other parts of the world. Loved seeing that little Everbright, keep it up.

Phil & Peggy
1 year ago

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Which is why I’m not commenting on this total waste of … oops.

Thomas H Brewer
1 year ago

I thought it was entertaining. You know some millennial would be interested as it doesn’t use gas.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

How about testing the Jucy camper van next time.

Bob P
1 year ago

A waste of internet space

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob P

Agree, this isn’t an “RV” worth reviewing. It wasn’t even amusing. You said it yourself in your summary, in the first paragraph!

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